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Arcade classic joins the growing Backwards Compatibility list

It looks like the boffins over at Xbox are true to their word and are continuing to add more titles to the Backwards Compatibility list as and when they become ready. We love that we no longer have to wait for an unspecified point each month before these games are made available! After the announcement of four games new to Back Compat last week, an absolute classic has just joined the list. Galaga is one of the all time classic coin op games – a true piece of gaming history that everyone should own. It may have been released on … Read More »

Make sure you grab these new Games with Gold titles | 16 Feb

From today – 16 February – you can grab yourself a couple of new, free Games with Gold titles! Styx – Master of Shadows (Xbox One) available from today until 29 February Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) available from today until 29 February You also have a couple of weeks to pick up Hand of Fate (Xbox One) – available until 29 February 2016. You can get hold of these games through the Xbox 360 / Xbox One dash (depending on each game’s platform), or hit up Remember, too, these and all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles are playable on … Read More »

Pixel Piracy, from the makers of Terraria, is out today!

Lead t’ life o’ a pirate captain in this open world sim! Recruit a crew 0′ scurvy sea-dogs, outfit them, customize yer vessel and set sail on t’ high seas! There you’ll use any combination o’ aggression, diversion and trade t’ become t’ most infamous pirate crew o’ t’ seven seas! You can raid, pillage and plunder everythin’ in your path, divert t’ get what you want or trade for a quick doubloon. Adventure awaits, me hearties! Ahem. Excuse me. In Pixel Piracy you will lead the life of a pirate captain in this open world sim! Recruit a crew, … Read More »

Last chance to pick up these Games with Gold titles | 15 Feb

Just a reminder that today – 15 February – is your last chance to pick up a couple of free Games with Gold titles: Zheros (Xbox One) available until 15 February Sacred Citadel (Xbox 360) available until 15 February You still have a couple of weeks to pick up Hand of Fate (Xbox One) – available until 29 February 2016. From tomorrow (16 February after 8.00 am) you’ll be able to pick up Styx – Master of Shadows (Xbox One) and Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360). You can get hold of these games through the Xbox 360 / Xbox One dash (depending on each … Read More »

The Division’s live action miniseries brings the apocalypse home

As lovers of video games, we’ve handled our fair share of apocalypses – cities, worlds, even galaxies have been destroyed and we’ve barely blinked. Apocalypses are huge. People are small. And The Division‘s Agent Origins live action miniseries brings an apocalypse we have seen so many times before down to a human level – emphasizing the horror society falling would have on ordinary people. The four films run to twenty minutes in total (if you search around YouTube you’ll find a super cut of all four films together, but we have linked to the official individual Ubisoft playlist below). The Division … Read More »

BREAKING | Less than one month until Holmer hits Farming Simulator 15

Hold on to your wellies, folks – Farming’s about to get REAL. Real serious about Holmer, that is! The iconic agricultural brand hits Farming Simulator 15 on 10 March. Holmer is truly the Lamborghini of farming, except of course Lamborghini is the real Lamborghini of farming. But, you know, Holmer’s good too. On 10 March you’ll finally have the chance to sit astride the majestic Terra Dos T4-40, its throbbing power beneath you as you harvest more widely than ever before! Except, of course, you won’t so much be astride it as ensconced safely in its spacious cabin, thanks to pesky Health and Safety … Read More »

Has The Division’s first DLC Release Date been leaked?

Ubisoft have been relatively open about their plans for The Division since the Closed Beta a couple of weeks ago. We already know what the season pass will net you, and of course we also know that there will be DLC content that’s a timed exclusive on Xbox One. What Ubisoft have been less forthcoming about, though, is when any DLC might be released. Well, the cat might just be out of the Brazilian bag, if an email from Ubisoft’s UPlay is any indication. The email – sent to Redditor Reinaldons updating him on the pre-order of his (digital PC version) … Read More »

GTA Online Weekend Event | Til Death Do Us Part

Los Santos just got doubly dangerous. No, Donald Trump hasn’t been voted Mayor – even the Los Santos residents aren’t that insane. No, this week’s a Double Dollars event in GTA Online, with double your bucks (and double your RP, too) to recognise the love we all have for our fellow man. This event runs from 12 February until 18 February. First up for the Double Dollars and Double RP treatment is a new Adversary Mode, Till Death Us Do Part. Up to four pairs of star-crossed lovers take part in the ultimate GTA Online quadruple date: each couple has one … Read More »

This Week at Bungie | 11 February 2016 – Big Changes for Destiny

The Destiny Weekly Update is gone, replaced with “This Week at Bungie.” Same stuff, different name? Not quite this week. Bungie – with a reputation for lack of transparency and seemingly endless failure to listen to the fans – has at last been more open about the future of Destiny. As we reported earlier, Destiny is big money for Activision and as today was their regular sales call where all things moneyed is discussed, it was a fair bet we would hear more about Destiny’s future today. In Bungie’s own words: A glimpse at the road map. Prior to the … Read More »

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