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Much could be made of LUMO's heritage, but it's one that, for many, will feel like ancient history. LUMO is an isometric adventure in the style of much-loved eighties computer games Knightlore, Alien 8, and genre classic Head Over Heels. There's a powerful argument to be made that this last - Head Over Heels - was the finest game ever released on the 8-bit home computers of the day and any game that openly cites the Ocean classic as an influence opens itself up to close critique. For gamers of a certain age - and I count myself among that select cabal - LUMO ... Read More »
Anyone who spends any time in the wider Microsoft ecosystem will know that there's very little official Windows support from the folks over at Google-owned YouTube. In fact, the (rather dreadful) YouTube app that graces Xbox One is one of the few official apps. However, thanks to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - which allows apps to run on any hardware in the Windows 10 family - Xbox owners might just be about to get their hands on a much better alternative. myTube! - one of the finest YouTube third party apps - has just launched a beta for the new version ... Read More »
As Bungie's Destiny approached the end of Year One, major bragging rights were on offer for anyone who managed to complete the Moments of Triumph. This meant grabbing an essentially complete collection of all the end game content of offer - both Raids on Hard mode, Prison of Elders, completing the main story line as well as those of Crota and the House of Wolves, etc. To see how well you did, log into, head on over to your profile and hit 'Triumphs'. What was so compelling about the Moments of Triumph was that it was time limited - once ... Read More »
Snowboarding is cool. I'll never be cool enough to snowboard. I mean, I'm spending my Saturday writing video game news about a video game about something that's plainly too cool for me. That's how uncool I am. Nonetheless, here we are. Being uncool and writing about the opportunity to participate in the Beta phases of Steep, Ubisoft's wonderfully snowy open world mountain adventure simulator. And it's not just snowboarding. There's skiing, too. Swoop. Swoop. Swoop. And Paragliding. And Wingsuit flying? Whatever. That's a different kind of swoop. But it's still cool. Ride a massive open world of the Alps ... Read More »
In this series of semi-regular features we take a closer look at new and upcoming features for Xbox, and speculate on what they might mean for the console and the brand. At their E3 2016 briefing, Microsoft announced a handful of new features coming to Xbox, but in the glitz and glamour of the City of Angels detail was, predictably, light. We took a quick pass at Xbox Play Anywhere after the announcement, but what does it really mean for gamers, and for Xbox? Let's start with the soundbite. "Now when you own an Xbox Play Anywhere digital title, it’s yours ... Read More »
When we reviewed Overwatch, one of the things we liked was that it felt friendly. There was competition, sure, and a competitive spirit throughout, but it was - welcomingly - friendly. There was a camaraderie and more 'Good Game' messages after each session that we can remember since Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare (where it felt like we were all six years old again, playing at soldiers.) For all that we were competing with and against friends and strangers alike, it was always with a grin, win or lose. Modern gaming though - as fixated as it is on competition and ... Read More »
Warzone Firefight is the next - and much anticipated - update for Halo 5: Guardians, bringing back the much-loved co-operative mode that debuted in Halo: ODST. Although still a few weeks away, April's Beta showed the mode was in good shape and will likely be a fantastic addition to one of Xbox One's best multiplayer titles. The update will bring the Firefight mode, some improvements and additions to Forge, a refresh of the main Warzone mode that we covered a couple of weeks ago, and a handful of new maps. In fact, this week's Community Update from 343 Industries explains that a ... Read More »
From today - 16 June - you can grab yourself a couple of new, free Games with Gold titles! The Crew (Xbox One) available from today until 15 July. XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360) available until 30 June. You also have a couple of weeks left to pick up Goat Simulator (Xbox One) - which is available until 30 June. You can get hold of these games through the Xbox 360 / Xbox One dash (depending on each game's platform), or hit up Remember, too, these and all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles are playable on your ... Read More »
Just a reminder that today - 15 June - is your last chance to pick up a couple of free Games with Gold titles! Costume Quest 2 (Xbox One) available until 15 June. Super Meat Boy (Xbox 360) available until 15 June. You still have a couple of weeks left to pick up Goat Simulator (Xbox One) - available until 30 June. From tomorrow (16 June at 8.00 am GMT) you'll be able to pick up The Crew (Xbox One) and XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360). You can get hold of these games through the Xbox 360 / Xbox One ... Read More »

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