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If you've been considering purchasing an Xbox One Elite Controller, then this might be the offer that seals the deal for you. Argos are offering what is one of the best deals on the market right now, and almost certainly the best since Black Friday. You can get yourself an Elite Controller at the reduced price of £99.99. But to sweeten the deal, they are offering you a choice of a free game from a choice of four. You can choose from Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 or Dead Rising 4 completely free! As with ... Read More »
Telltale Games have announced that when we can expect to see the third episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier release. Titled 'Above the Law' though no exact dates have as yet been given, we can expect to be continuing Clementine and Javier's journey in March. A physical version will also be released on March 3rd in Europe. This will give you access to all episodes released so far as well as being able to download future episodes, when they release. You can check out our spoiler-free review of episode one here to see what impressions the third seasons ... Read More »
Warner Bros have announced that three new expansion packs for Lego Dimensions are on their way. The packs focus on two franchises. Firstly. the big news is the Lego Batman story pack which coincides nicely with the release of the film. Warner Bros said that Lego Batman "provides a deep, story-driven gameplay experience with iconic DC characters in six puzzle-packed levels." The physical pack will be bundled with both Batgirl and Robin alongside a Batwing! A second helping of Batman comes with the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack. This includes a Dark Knight figure and a Bionic Steed build-able. Check out the ... Read More »
The survival horror genre has always predominantly been best at home in a 3D environment. Not many developers have taken the risk to translate such a game into a 2D perspective. Although we have seen the more recent Deadlight, Uncanny Valley attempts to create a non-linear, 2D pixelated survival story of its own. Brought to you by indie developers Cowardly Creations, Uncanny Valley focuses around protagonist Tom who must face his own personal nightmares whilst living his everyday life. You’re never quite aware from the start as to what is going on in regards to plot. You begin by waking ... Read More »
Bandai Namco are bringing horror game Get Even to Xbox and PC this Spring. You take the reigns of Cole Black in an ever familiar environment of an abandoned asylum. Your mission is to save a woman being held captive, and to make matters worse, she is strapped up to a bomb. To aid you along the way, you use an odd device that lets you relive your own memories to help solve clues. But the big question is, are these your memories? All will be revealed come the games May 26th release date. It is by no means a ... Read More »
Get ready to rev your engines as Slightly Mad Studios have confirmed that Project Cars 2 will launch in 'late 2017'. After the success of the original Project Cars, Slightly Mad have told us to expect over 170 'iconic', licensed cars in the racing simulator sequel. If you prefer to test your skills on the PC, then you can experience the simulator in 12k resolution, if your PC spec allows for it. You can also expect a varied, 24 hour weather system with a diverse range of changing atmospheres as you race. This will undoubtedly offer a varying level of ... Read More »
There's some cool new features heading to Overwatch soon, and game director Jeff Kaplan has spoken out about what's in the pipeline via a new developer update video. Probably the largest addition will be a server browser. Kaplan has said that this will allow players to not only see a list of all custom games in a specific region, but also to choose whether you wish to join them, if they are public. Coupled with this will be a range of filtering options to allow you to find a match with, for example, certain heroes/villains disabled. You can check out Kaplan's ... Read More »
There’s been a lot of promise from Capcom with Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. The promise of a glorious return to the roots of a claustrophobic, virus infected environment, and a return to what made survival horror the heart beating genre we all fell in love with over twenty years ago. Wait, you’ve not played Resident Evil? Then I urge you to check out the original in its glorious HD remaster form, then if you’re still craving more, come back and read on. For those of us that are seasoned at the series, get comfy. The review will be a lot ... Read More »
Xbox and Major Nelson have announced via Twitter the latest title to join the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible library. And this week, it's a fully fledged disc release. Dust off your old 360 collection as one of the first non-Star Wars Lego games has joined the list. Lego Indiana Jones, released in the summer of 2008, received favorable reviews upon its release. And ultimately led the Lego franchise to branch out to spawn the range of franchises we've all spent countless hours with today. A sequel was spawned a few years later, but stumbled when compared to its predecessor. You can ... Read More »

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