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The Diablo series is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary on December 31st and to mark the occasion, Blizzard will be celebrating the milestone in a whole range of its games, including Overwatch. You can expect a whole host of  in-game sprays that represent different Diablo classes within Overwatch. Along side this, there will also be a brand new playable character that is modeled upon the Lord of Terror. Diablo 3 itself, will also be getting a full in-game port of the original Diablo, which will boast 16 levels and four main bosses. A host of Blizzards PC titles will also … Read More »

Xbox’s Major Nelson has today tweeted the latest and final Deals with Gold for 2016. As well as this, we are also in the first week of the big holiday spotlight sale which you can check out here. Holiday spotlight sale deals will refresh on Thursday 29th, whilst the Deals with Gold will run through to January 2nd. Check out the full list below: Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES Artifex Mundi Essential Bundle Xbox One Game 30% DWG Claire: Extended Cut Xbox One Game 50% DWG Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition Xbox … Read More »

Killer Instinct will receive a new fighter this January, Microsoft Studios have confirmed. Kilgore, a cyborg will be joining the roster and promises to bring a vast amount of firepower with him. You may very well draw up comparisons to Fulgore, the veteran Killer Instinct fighter and whilst the latest edition is a month away, Microsoft have confirmed you can try fighting against Kilgore from new week. There’s also a full host of patch notes to get your teeth into below, all of which are summed in a a whopping six minute video. Patch 3.6 Notes NEW FEATURE! You can … Read More »

A free update has been released for last months highly acclaimed Dishonored 2. A new game plus mode sees various tweaks to gameplay including slow motion controls and blood thirst enhancements. You will be able to replay as both Emily and Corvo whilst having full access to their specific abilities. Bethesda’s global content lead, Gary Steinman wrote on their blog; “With this new mode, you’ll be able to combine Emily’s Mesmerize with Corvo’s Devouring Swarm – or create any other custom combo of multiple powers that you can you imagine,” Check out the full patchy notes below New Features New Game Plus … Read More »

The platforming genre was once a dominant force. It saw its peak in the 16-bit era before a the landscape changed and turned towards more complex, compelling games. In recent years, however, the indie scene has delivered a successful rebirth for the genre. And Mekazoo is a fine example of this. This is the first game from developer The Good Mood Creators. That’s a promising name for any dev and that’s exactly the kind of mood in which Mekazoo puts you. You explore fully 3D worlds, from a 2D perspective as your adventure begins – as an armadillo. Waking up to … Read More »

EA have spoken out about their future plans for the Battlefield series, and it might not be what you want to hear. Blake Jorgensen, Financial Officer for EA has said that there won’t be another Battlefield game for ‘a couple of years.’ Before confirming that the focus next year will be on the next Star Wars game, Battlefront 2. Jorgensen confirmed this by stating: ‘next year we’ll have Battlefront, the Star Wars game..’ It’s not all bad though, there will be four expansion packs for Battlefield One coming over the next year to keep you going. As for Battlefront 2, Jorgensen … Read More »

It’s been a fantastic year for subscribers of the EA Access service. Recent months have seen both Mirrors Edge games, UFC and the Mass Effect Trilogy all enter the vault. And we’re not even counting the number of games added previously this year such as Unravel and Fifa 16 However we’ve all been expecting one more game. And EA have just dropped it in and confirmed via Twitter last night that finally, Star Wars Battlefront has become part of the subscriptions service. It’s not really any surprise we’ve had to wait until this week. Not only does the game coincide … Read More »

Great news for Oculus Rift owners as it has been announced you can now stream Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible games straight to the virtual reality headset. The update, announced as a feature of the Xbox One Streaming app, allows you to stream if your PC and Xbox One are connected to the same network. You’ll be able to choose from three different virtual theater modes. This will give the feeling of playing on the big screen, but at a lower resolution. Xbox’s Major Nelson reports on the feature in the video below; It appears this works in … Read More »

Since the extremely successful launch of the decade long developed Final Fantasy XV a couple of weeks ago, Xbox gamers have been concerned about a blurriness to visuals. This is having a profound negative effect on gameplay, according to players of the highly rated RPG. Issues appear to relate to the compression of textures and resolution scaling on the Xbox One, resulting in unwanted blurs during gameplay. You can see from the screenshot below, albeit that this is zoomed in, it’s not the standards expected in the HD era. Nor the standards that the Xbox One is capable of. Square Enix … Read More »

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