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The best selling Xbox One games of last week are in, based on sales figures from Amazon.co.uk. The list (correct as of 13/03/17) sees new entrants Wildlands and Lego Worlds take the top two spots. Whilst the hype for the recently announced Middle Earth: Shadow of War has spread, it's predecessor has made a welcome return to the top ten. Grand Theft Auto V continues its ever dominant force in the sales charts, standing high in fourth. Whilst Fifa 17 still clings onto a top ten spot as the current season draws near to its conclusion. Check out the full ... Read More »
There's not a lot of good to come out of Monday mornings, but rest assured like clockwork, we're here to ease the pain with the latest releases for Xbox One this coming week. On to the list: 14/03/17 Styx: Shards of Darkness Styx returns in a new stealth adventure! Hired for a critical mission, explore and master huge open environments as Styx, alone or in coop with a friend. Assassinate or sneak past enemies – Humans, Elves and Dwarfs – but also much more fearsome, colossal creatures, and experiment with the new array of lethal abilities and weapons in your ... Read More »
New information has been released by Sega for the upcoming retro throwback, Sonic Mania. Focusing on the already announced revival of the iconic Green Hill Zone, the following video (with commentary) demonstrates the second act. The area expands on the originals foundations whilst giving us a deeper glimpse into the zone, with new obstacles and mechanics. There will also be new areas to be discovered dependent on what type of shield you may have. New baddies and bosses have, whilst not shown off,been revealed. These have been dubbed the 'Hard Boiled Heavies.' The first of these will be known as ... Read More »
Focus Interactive have released a launch trailer for the upcoming sequel Styx: Shards of Darkness. The returning goblin thief, Styx (who previously starred in 2014's Mast of Shadows), will need to utilise all his stealth skills as he makes a bargain with a human in a quest to steal what is known as the ambassador's scepter. Your reward? A mountain full of Styx power source - amber. This adventure will take you on a strategic, non-linear path where you will need to silently assassinate your foes throughout various means available to you. The title will also feature a two player co-op mode. ... Read More »
Respawn have set live a double XP weekend for Titanfall 2 in the Capture the Flag game mode. The offering is active now until Sunday to give all budding pilots an extra boost, however it is only available within this game mode. This follows on from previous weekend double XP events since the launch of the free Live Fire DLC. It can be assumed that Respawn will eventually offer double XP on each game mode over the coming weeks as they are calling the events 'feature weekends'. The last update was a large one which not only brought us the Live ... Read More »
Retro has never been more in fashion than it is right now, with an abundance of titles releasing that pay homage to their forefathers of the yesteryear. And the latest to join the Xbox One is the chaotic twin stick shooter, NeuroVoider. After releasing on Steam last year, the top down pixel shooter has amassed a very positive user rating on the service. Major Nelson this week confirmed the games release via his website. You'll be able to jump into the action on March 17th and digital pre-orders are open now. Described as a 'twin stick shooter RPG set in a cyber ... Read More »
If you're yet to take to the slopes in with Ubisoft's Steep, your chance in nearly upon you. Starting on March 10th - 12th, you'll be able to download and shred through the snowy mountains through four different methods including  sking, wingsuit, snowboarding, or paragliding. The open mountain terrain will be free to roam as you will be granted access to the entire game during this period. Your progress will also be saved if you decide to purchase the game allowing you to pick up right where you left off. Steep released in December 2016, you can check out what ... Read More »
Rime, which was originally revealed at E3 in 2013 as an exclusive for the PS4, now has a release date after what has been a troubled period of development. Releasing on May 26th for Xbox One and PC, Rime will retail at £30 whilst being available in physical and digital formats. Rime was announced as multi-platform in January this year. As developer Tequila Works reacquired the rights from Sony in March 2016. This was welcome news after a long period of being kept in the dark for a title that has been likened by critics to the Nintendo classic The ... Read More »
Major Nelson has revealed the latest Deals with Gold for the coming week, including a continuation of the EA publisher sale. There's a whole feast of games on offer right now. Our standout picks have to be the Battlefield 1/Titanfall 2 bundle, Dragon Age Inquisition and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Check out the full list of deals below from today till Monday 13th March. Xbox One Deals CONTENT TITLE CONTENT TYPE DISCOUNT NOTES (Game Preview) Pit People Xbox One Game 15% Spotlight ARK: Scorched Earth (Game Preview) Add-On 25% Spotlight ARK: Survival Evolved (Game Preview) Xbox One Game 50% ... Read More »

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