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Backwards Compatible Borderlands

Prepare to go vault hunting once again as Borderlands arrives in the backwards compatibility list. While not the maelstrom of information that everyone was hoping for regarding the addition of titles, it is indeed a start. Saves and add-ons will carry over to the Xbox One (providing cloud saving was used) and as stated it is ready to go now. Backwards Compatibility is only currently available to members of the preview program, with the official launch slated for November. As it stands the list is: A Kingdom for Keflings A World of Keflings Alien Hominid HD Banjo-Kazooie – Also included … Read More »

The Dwarves go to Kickstarter to complete development

Development of tactical RPG The Dwarves has seemingly hit a roadblock with developers KING art games now going to Kickstarter to complete development. Though previous games released by the developer had taken a similar route, up until this point it seemed as though development would be completed without the need for extra backing. Unfortunately this seems to no longer be the case. Asking for $260.000 over $99,000 has already been pleadged through a new Kickstarter. It seems that though a 2016 release is still on the cards gaining a digital copy of the game through pledging will set you back a … Read More »

Smite – Rising Dawn

Smite has been the latest game to receive a much needed patch to address issues. Rising Dawn has now been released and with it, a new character, the season pass, spectator mode and balance changes. The latest god to be introduced comes in the form of Khepri, a giant scarab capable of shielding allies and preventing their death with the use of his ultimate ability. The Season Pass makes its introduction in this patch allowing players to earn fantasy points through purchases, winning games with the associated loading frame and predicting the outcomes of matches. A long awaited and much … Read More »

Laserlife comes to Xbox One

Confirmations were made by independent developer Choice Provisions regarding their IP Laserlife coming to Xbox One by the end of the year. Laserlife is the newest game from the developers of the Bit.Trip franchise. The game has been pitched as an exploration game and will reportedly feature “high-concept science fiction themes focused on the idea that human life is much more than the sum of its physical parts.” A teaser trailer was released earlier this week which you can view below. Though details are currently scarce, it seems as though this could be an interesting addition to the ID@XBOX collection. What do … Read More »

Furious Forza Unveiled

Microsoft have now announced the cars that will be included in the Fast and Furious Car pack for Forza Motorsport 6. This content will be release for free for the owners of the Ultimate or Deluxe Editions of the game (£81.99 and £65.99 respectively) and at a later date for the Standard Edition for an as of now undisclosed price. The Fast and Furious Car Pack 1970 Dodge Charger R/T Fast & Furious Edition 1968 Dodge Charger Fast & Furious Edition 1969 Dodge Charger Fast & Furious Edition 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 Fast & Furious Edition 2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV … Read More »

Dragon Age Inquisition gets new DLC : Trespasser

What happens to a world saving organisation when it is no longer needed? September 8th sees the story of the Inquisition come to an end with the release of Trespasser, the newest DLC released by Bioware. Trespasser takes up the story two years after the story of the main game and lets you decide the fate of the Inquisiton that you worked so hard to build. Along this final journey, you will meet with old friends to uncover a new threat to Thedas. You will however need to have completed the main game to unlock this content. Creative Director Mike … Read More »

Destiny 2.0 – Filling more space

The Taken King update is now only round the corner waiting to sneak itself onto your hard drive and start slowly eating away your gaming hours. Bungie have now announced that the newest expansion to their time devouring game will cost your hard drive 18gb of space whether you upgrade or not. This does however, include The Taken King within it so no further downloads would be necessary. This was however not the only update revealed. New Strikes are incoming over the next few weeks starting with the recently streamed Dreadnought, a loot filled fortress ready for the taking with the … Read More »

Games coming in September

September has snuck up on us and has delivered its next shipment of games for us to consume. Here is the list as it stands. (24/08/2015) September 1st:   September 4th:                               September 8th: September 9th: September 15th: September 17th: September 18th:             September 22nd: September 24th:          September 25th: September 29th: Please note that all dates are subject to change. Well there we have it for another month and yet there is plenty more to come before 2015 … Read More »

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Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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