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Recently we have seen a revival in the horror genre of video games and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. It seems as if we are really all masochists at heart and really like to have our wits scared out of us. The end of next month sees the release of action horror game Perception from Deep End Games and Feardemic. Perception is a first person game that aims to get inside your head and shake things around a bit. You play as Cassie, a blind woman who uses her super sensitive hearing to navigate the world. Using ... Read More »
Earlier this week ARK: Survival Evolved was due to get its biggest update yet but sadly it was delayed. But let your sadness begone as today the update was finally launched and with it came some features that are very exciting indeed. The update itself is around 5gb in size. The update was delayed due to the Xbox's certification scheme that is in place to protect the console. This means that PC players have already had the update and some Xbox players have been asking why. Wildcard Studios have addressed some of these concerns "We send our patches through to ... Read More »
It's been almost a year since Overwatch was released and it has become a massive hit with fans, spawning fan fiction and a whole host of theories about the heroes. Well now the game director Jeff Kaplan has been talking about what they have planned for the first anniversary. Throughout this year we have seen a few bits of new content, three new characters, new gameplay, new skins and some special events. There has also been a lot of re-balancing been done which is nice to see. So far all of this content has been free and it looks like ... Read More »
It has been 25 years since the older ones among us got to play the live action game Night Trap. To some it became a cult classic, to others it was one of the worst games ever to hit our screens. Now the Sega CD 'classic' is getting a re-release that will be released on the Xbox One. Night Trap is been developed by Screaming Villains and sees you play as a paranormal investigations agent. The game is set in a suburban house where teenage girls seem to have the habit of disappearing and it has the look that you ... Read More »
Spring is in the air and with it is the scent of a new update for EA's World War 1 shooter Battlefield 1. The update comes packed with a whole host of new and improved features that will fill Battlefield players with the joys of the season. Firstly there will be password protected servers. These servers will be completely private and allow clans to enjoy the game the way that they want to. This means that clans will be able to hold their own competitions. They will also give a lot of added freedom to content creators which is never ... Read More »
You have nothing to fear except fear itself, or so the saying goes anyway. Well Outlast 2 is here to prove otherwise. The original game was a masterclass in the survival horror genre and this title does nothing to diminish this reputation. The start of the game sees you flying in a helicopter with your reporter wife as you film her introducing a segment about what happened to a mysterious murdered girl known only as Jane Doe. This is your role in life, you are a cameraman and the camera is the only tool at your disposal. This position doesn't ... Read More »
The long awaited sequel to 2014's phenomenal survival horror game Outlast is set to be released next week and lets be honest, anyone who likes to be scared out of their mind is getting pretty excited. Outlast 2 is set to bring the fear levels up to the maximum and capitalise on the success of the original game. To get us in the mood for all of this, developer Red Barrels has released a launch trailer that is just as creepy as you would expect. The trailer is dark and menacing but tells us very little about what we can ... Read More »
Realism has become a big part of video games these days and you don't get much more real than the live action video game Late Shift. Although Late Shift doesn't actually describe itself as a game, apparently it is the worlds first cinematic interactive movie. So that's pretty exciting. Staring Joe Sowerbutts as the main protagonist Matt and Haruka Abe as May-Ling, Late Shift is a movie where you determine what happens at certain parts of the game so you direct events and make the story uniquely yours, or almost unique anyway. During the course of the approximate eighty minutes ... Read More »
Who doesn't like the theatre? The beautiful scenery, the great performances of the actors, the excitement of the audience, what is there not to like? One of the most inspiring parts of the theatre experience is the talent of the actors, well most of the time it is anyway. Talent not included is a platforming game in a theatrical setting, but as the title of the game suggest, the actors aren't the most talented bunch. Not at acting anyway. Their jumping and combat abilities are much better though and in this instance, that is a very good thing. Like any ... Read More »

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