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Sabrina Sanders is a freelance writer and gamer. Her love of the Xbox console started with Halo and kept growing with each new game she tried. Sabrina is obsessed with story driven games, but she does take time to enjoy a few hack and slash or bullet spraying titles when the mood strikes. Armed with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University, the search is on to bring fellow Xbox lovers news of exciting up-and-coming games.

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Microsoft has given the Xbox Forums a new, more modern look! The main page now greets user with a list of categories on the top, making frequently used forums easy to find and read. The rest of the page is used for the improved search bar, a ‘create a new post’ section, and top discussion and FAQ posts. The forums are a great way for the Xbox community to interact with each other, discover what those pesky error codes mean, and find information about various apps you can use on your console. People new to forums will have a very easy … Read More »

The Screen Actors Guild Union was publicly considering going on strike last fall to secure better pay and protection for physically demanding work. This year they’ve decided on a list of specific companies to strike unless contract negotiations go well. A post on the SAG-AFTRA’s website states that “unless you hear differently from us, effective Oct. 21 at 12:01 a. m., you should be prepared to strike the following video game employers with regard to all games that went into production after Feb. 17, 2015.” A few actors have even expressed their support of the Union with #performancematters on Twitter. … Read More »

When the walls are closing in on you, sometimes a smooth and quick escape is the way to go. This trailer highlights some of the powers Emily and Corvo can use to make a quick exit. Emily uses her Shadow Walk to quickly and stealthily get out of the room, killing the first attacker with a dark claw through the back. Running through the hallways, another enemy appears but is too far to run to before others join up or she attacks you. Emily can use Doppelganger to summon a shade-version of herself that attracts enemies while killing targets. This move also … Read More »

Styx is back in a new infiltration game by Cyanide Studios. New allies, abilities, and enemies will try to help (or hinder) Styx as he tries to expose a deadly conspiracy while attempting to perform the heist of the century. Styx can be customized to your playstyle by investing in one of five skill paths. He can specialize in killing, crafting, stealth, poisonous gas and traps, or improve his invisibility magic or high-flying abilities. Customizations will unlock after completing side-objectives and missions. Need help or don’t want to go it alone? That’s cool, because now you can go through every campaign … Read More »

Just moments ago on Microsoft’s twitch stream Rod Ferguson announced that there will be a Gears of War Movie. Major Nelson seems pretty ecstatic about this announcement since he took to twitter seconds later. So far all we know is that there is a partnership with universal, and that there’s no director yet. We’ll keep you updated as we watch for more updates! Let’s have some fun guessing! Who would you like to see direct it? Is there a favorite actor you hope will be in it? Let me know in the comments!   Make sure you like our Facebook page, … Read More »

It was announced at TwitchCon that Team17’s amazingly fun game The Escapists is getting a sequel! The biggest change in the sequel is that there will be co-op and competitive modes. Players can team up with up to 3 other people either locally or online with drop in/drop out multiplayer. The updated graphics add a lot of little details with things like stains, grass, line-up sections painted on the tiled floors, and much more. There’s a new combat system that features light and heavy attacks, new craftable weapons like tasers, new things to do/play like instruments or paint, and (of … Read More »

I absolutely love Dishonored. I spent hours in the dark, industrial world infested with as much corruption as there are rats. I played the low chaos route, where the biggest difference story-wise was that I got the happy ending. I also chose to send my targets away to the silver mines or on a boat with a stalker (Let’s face it, that’s exactly what he was.) because it was much more satisfying to watch. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t picked it up again since, but I did pick up the xbox one version recently! Now I’ll play through all the … Read More »

The Death Star DLC has been updated and I’ve highlighted a few of the patch notes below. You can view all of the notes here. New DLC content Five new maps set around or on the Death Star. New Battle Station Mode A three-phased mode in which Rebels attempt to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer to clear space for a GR-75 and its boarding party. These Rebels participate in an assault on the Death Star hoping to rescue R2-D2 before, finally, attempting to destroy the Death Star itself with Luke Skywalker’s help. New Weapons TL-50 Heavy Repeater A heavy blaster with … Read More »

You can stop looking for the 5th and final robot in ReCore. It’s not there. The frantically searching players were addressed yesterday morning by the game’s Twitter page. When asked about the inaccessible map area and the Tank dedicated menu space, Microsoft responded, “The Tank is not currently available in the game. But please stay tuned for news.” Which means that it will be available at some point, but will it be free? The two common opinions revolving this oddity are that either: The developers didn’t quite finish Tank before the game released on September 13th. It was purposefully left out to … Read More »

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