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I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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So earlier (here) we covered the best console deals that we’d seen up until that point. This time around it’s the turn of the games and add ons such as Live subscriptions. Titanfall 2 – £19.99 – HMV No that isn’t a typo, if there’s a HMV near you that you’ve not yet visited then get down there ASAP as this deal is only available in store and while stocks last. Short of that head on over to Amazon where you can nab a copy for £28, which while isn’t quite as impressive as HMV’s £19.99 it’s still a monster saving … Read More »

So it’s that time of year again, most people are going out of their minds trying to secure the best deals for either themselves or their loved ones in the run up to the holiday season. Well here at Xbox One UK we like to help our fellow gamers. As such we’re going to try and give you a few examples of the best deals we’ve seen so far, starting with hardware and peripherals . Xbox One Elite Controller & Free Game – £99.99 – Argos It would be against everything we stand for as Xbox gamers not to start … Read More »

Minecraft continues to be a title that continues to loved by young and old fans alike. The main reason for this, aside from the obvious limitless creative options the game affords, is because the developers never let the title become forgotten or fall by the wayside. Updates are released at least a couple of times a year. Over the last year or so consoles in particular have been afforded some updates that have often been reserved for PC users. Mojang’s end goal being to bring the console version in line with, or as close as possible to, it’s PC brethren. As such Mojang have today … Read More »

It’s that time of year again, it’s almost Thanksgiving for our friends across the pond. That means that many publishers will take the chance to launch special in game events. Rockstar are no exception to this rule. The massive developer take the opportunity whenever they can to bring real world celebrations and public events to the world of GTA Online. Below you can see the details of the GTA Online Thanksgiving celebrations: It’s murder-by-numbers in Kill Quota, the newest team-based GTA Online Adversary Mode for up to 16 players across 2-4 teams. Starting off with a high-powered weapon from one of four distinct … Read More »

Every month Xbox Live Gold Subscribers are given four free games, two Xbox One titles & two Xbox 360 titles, just for going Gold. Sometimes the selection of games are somewhat lacklustre and other times they give gamers a reason to look forward to their new freebies. This month’s foursome definitely fall into the latter category: Sleeping Dogs, Outlast, Outland and Burnout Paradise are your Games with Gold this December. pic.twitter.com/UEWGDmPoL8 — Xbox UK (@xboxuk) 22 November 2016 That’s right, this month sees the surprisingly fun Sleeping Dogs, the clean underwear requiring Outlast, the 2D platforming action epic Outland and … Read More »

There are a few things in life that can be taken as a virtual certainty. The sun will rise and set, console wars will almost always be a thing, and every year EA Sports will see another game added to the FIFA series’ expansive catalogue. The year 2016 is no different with EA releasing this year’s iteration, FIFA 17. Of course every time a new FIFA game rolls around the promotional fluff material is filled with promises of gameplay improvements, graphical polishing and an all around better football sim experience. And every year it’s the same pattern for most of us … Read More »

Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦ Eternal Warrior – Titan Helmet – 13 SC ◦ Knucklehead Radar – Hunter Helmet – 13SC ◦ The Impossible Machines – Warlock Gauntlets – 13SC ◦ Suros Regime – Exotic Auto Rifle – 23SC ◦ Legacy Exotic Engram – Chest – 29SC ◦ Shock Hazard – Ornament – Zhalo Supercell – 25SD ◦ Born In Fire – Ornament – Young Wolf’s Howl – … Read More »

Today has seen the release of a new trailer for Telltale’s latest episodic game, Batman – The Telltale Series, the trailer was revealed on their official Twitter page earlier and features an all to familiar foe. [NEW TRAILER] ‘BATMAN – The Telltale Series’ Episode 4 arrives 11/22 featuring a first appearance by a grinning future adversary…. pic.twitter.com/0uL22QAjqd — Telltale Games (@telltalegames) November 17, 2016 That’s right, the Crown Prince of Gotham will be more prevalent than ever in Episode 4 of Batman – The Telltale Series. With a primary villainous pairing of the Joker and Two-Face the latest chapter is sure to … Read More »

There are few games in recent memory that are quite as polarizing as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Sure Destiny has divided some opinions and the Division really drew some battle lines. Infinite Warfare though has really been on the receiving end of some awful publicity (just ask its reveal trailer on YouTube). However, that hasn’t caused Infinity Ward to lose faith in their product and they’re pushing on with all plans and promotions we’ve come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise. This weekend sees the return of fan favourite events, Double XP and Double Weapon XP. Need weekend … Read More »

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