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I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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Today has seen the developers of Gears of War 4, The Coalition, release the official cover art and confirm the worldwide release date! The announcement came earlier today and looked a little something like this: Gears of War 4 drops October 11! Check out the cover art & interview w/ @GearsViking on EW!https://t.co/KKIkHGyE1apic.twitter.com/nOe07WWVCo — Gears of War (@GearsofWar) 6 April 2016 Obviously this is great news for Gears fans the world over as it mean everyone gets access at the same time! It also means the latest in the blockbuster franchise has an emergence day that coincides with the start ... Read More »
Next Tuesday will see the release of Update 1.1 for Ubisoft's latest triumph, Tom Clancy's The Division. The update will bring a lot of new additions, updates and bug fixes to the game. The update will include a whole host of changes, a reshuffle of the Dark Zone level criteria for equipment will be a welcome change, we'll also be introduced to gear score as well as Dark Zone supply drops. There will also be numerous gameplay and crafting fixes and updates also included in the patch. However, obviously the most notable change will be the introduction of Incursions (to ... Read More »
This summer will see Microsoft roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to all Windows 10 customers, for free. Of course, as with all Windows 10 updates, we scoured the announcement for the most exciting and relevant Xbox One improvements. It seems as though Microsoft really are taking fans comments and suggestions seriously recently, first this week saw Left 4 Dead 2 find it's way to Backwards Compatibility (as reported here) and now this update has more information sure to get Xbox One fans excited. Firstly, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will see back ground music reappear on a Microsoft console ... Read More »
Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons or armour, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour The Taikonaut - Titan Helmet - 13SC Sealed Ahamkara Grasps - Hunter Gauntlet - 13SC Apothesis Veil - Warlock Helmet - 13SC Exotic Year 2 Engram - Any Class - Gauntlet - 17SC Exotic Year 1 Engram - Any Class - Chest - 29SC Curios Plasma Drive - 23SC Emerald Coil - 23SC Heavy Ammo Synthesis - 1SC Three ... Read More »
This week has already been good for those of us who are fans of the Backwards Compatibility Programme. With Left 4 Dead 2 finally making it's way to the programme (as reported here), we also have another big name release this week. In preparation for when it's free in the latter half of the month of April, Microsoft have today made the original Xbox 360 release of Saints Row IV backwards compatible. Saints Row IV is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQ pic.twitter.com/JTv7gG28C0 — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) March 31, 2016 Now with the title already having a remastered ... Read More »
Zombie fans rejoice! As of right now Left 4 Dead 2 has found it's way to the Backwards Compatibility Programme as confirmed by Major Nelson on his official Twitter account. Left 4 Dead 2 is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/Qfy4FB7QlK — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) March 29, 2016   The zombie thriller, produced by the Valve Corporation, has long been clamoured for by fans of the series who were waiting with baited breath for the day it finally came to Xbox One via Backawards Compatibility. After an extended waiting period, which was mostly patient, as well as some ... Read More »
It was confirmed earlier this month that the next title to enter EA Access' Vault would be the EA Sports game NHL 16, as we reported here. We can now confirm that title is officially in the Vault available for free to those with an EA Access subscription.   This is great news for hockey, sports and free game fans alike. With NHL 16 joining the likes of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlfield 4, Battlefield Hardline and a whole host of sports games in the Vault now is as good a time as any to invest in EA Access. Will you ... Read More »
In their most recent State of the Game press release Ubisoft confirmed that we can soon expect to find out more details on the upcoming end-game content. Coming soon, we will be introducing new end-game activities. You say you want more info? Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about this big upcoming update within the next few days. With the game's Twitch channel hosting the Special Reports on Tuesdays fairly frequently since the game launched it's a reasonable assumption to make that we can expect this announcement to manifest this coming Tuesday. Especially as this quote is currently included in the official Twitch ... Read More »
EA Sports have had to issue an apology this week over a pretty controversial issue. The problem stems from the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is currently ranked as No. 2 in the UFC's Lightweight Division, performs the sign of the cross as his post-fight celebration. The problem with this? Nurmagomedov is a practicing Muslim and the sign of the cross is a distinctly Christian tradition. The fighter took too Twitter to air his grievances at this obvious oversight by the games developers: I'm a MUSLIM and not Baptized. Please @EASPORTSUFC edit my after fight celebration. I have a lot of ... Read More »

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