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It's a new year, the Xbox One is still in it's prime and we're in the year of the Scorpio. Despite all that there is still an overwhelming demand from Xbox fans for them to be able to play their favourite Xbox 360 games on the current gen console. It would seem that the team at Xbox are aiming to start the year with a bang as far as Backwards Compatibility goes. Today has seen Major Nelson confirm that no less than SEVEN new titles are now part of the already extensive library. The first Tweet confirmed the addition of ... Read More »
As gamers we're often treated to leaks related to games that we're eagerly anticipating. Whether it be details on the games characters, what to expect from the gameplay or indeed the titles release date. It's the latter that we're going to look at today as it appears that retailer Littlewoods have leaked the release date for Rockstar's highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is currently listed on their website (here) with the astronomical price of £69.99 and an "Order now for delivery on" date of 02-October-2017. If the date being touted by Littlewoods is an accurate one then it's ... Read More »
Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦  Helm of Inmost Light – Titan Helmet – 13 SC ◦  Young Ahamkara's Spine – Hunter Gauntlets  – 13SC ◦  Light Beyond Nemesis – Warlock Helmet  – 13SC ◦ Monte Carlo – Exotic Auto Rifle  – 23SC ◦ Legacy Exotic Engram – Heavy Weapon – 31SC ◦ Exotic Shard – 7SC Curios ◦ Plasma Drive – 23SC ◦ Emerald Coil – 23SC ◦ Heavy Ammo Synthesis x 3 – 1SC ◦ Heavy ... Read More »
For Honor is set to release next month, and is seen by many as having huge potential given that it's produced by UbiSoft and has quite the unique premise. The game will see players take control of a character from one of the games three factions. The factions are The Legion, The Chosen and The Warborn, the factions represent Medieval Knights, the honorable Samurai and savage Vikings. I'm sure you'll agree that beating on a knight and samurai with a maniacal Viking sounds like a whole heap of fun. You'll be pleased to know then that the sign ups for ... Read More »
Welcome Guardians to the first weekly reset of 2017. Nightfall: The Shadow Thief Ocean of Storms, Moon The Devil Splicers made Taniks Perfected. He's back in his old Wolfship near the Moon. Board it and eliminate the threat he poses. Modifiers •Epic - Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers. •Specialist - Special Weapon damage is favored. •Chaff - Player radar is disabled. •Match Game - Enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched Elemental Damage. •Airborne - Players deal more damage while in the air. Heroic Strike Playlist Modifiers •Heroic - Enemies appear in greater numbers and ... Read More »
December was a pretty good month for Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility. Even with a limited number of titles added, a lowly quantity of 14 games, there were still some stellar additions to the programme. Below is a comprehensive list of all games added to Backwards Compatibility LAST month: ◦ Haunted House – XBLA – Added December 1, 2016. ◦ Injustice: Gods Among Us – Added December 1, 2016. ◦ Shadowrun – Added December 8, 2016. ◦ Shotest Shogi - XBLA – Added December 8, 2016. ◦ Space Ark - XBLA – Added December 8, 2016. ◦ BioShock – Added December 13, 2016. ◦ BioShock 2 – Added December 13, 2016. ◦ BioShock Infinite – Added December 13, 2016. ◦ Bully: Scholarship Edition – ... Read More »
If you've not yet experienced Destiny's most recent seasonal event, The Dawning, or if you're missing the last few armour pieces for your collection then today is your last opportunity to get involved. The Dawning went live on the 13th of December and has brought a festive feel to the Tower along with some new armour, ornaments, strike elements and weaponary. Guardians: Today is the final day to join the celebration. The Dawning ends tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/MySdv8f8XO — Destiny The Game (@DestinyTheGame) January 2, 2017 While the weaponry, strike playlist scoring and ornaments will remain. The limited time cosmetic items, some of which are truly unique, will ... Read More »
We're two days into 2017, that means there are some great titles just over the horizon for gamers. One game that will be sure to grab a lot of attention will be Sledgehammer Games' latest contribution to the Call of Duty franchise. While not much is known about the title as of yet, the gaming community have been full of assumptions. Many feel that Sledgehammer will learn from what many see as mistakes made by Infinity Ward. It is widely believed that Sledghammer will drag the Call of Duty kicking and screaming away from it's current futuristic settings, adopting a ... Read More »
It's another day in December (the final one in fact), and that means it's time for another daily deal courtesy of the team at Xbox. When they go live the daily deals are available for a limited time so make sure you take advantage of them if they take your fancy. Xbox One Deals Content Title Content Type Discount Notes Elite Dangerous Standard Edition Xbox One Game 40% – 50% Countdown Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition Xbox One Game 40% – 50% Countdown Elite Dangerous: Horizons Season Pass Add-On 40% – 50% Countdown From all us here at Xbox One, ... Read More »

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