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I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦ Helm of Saint-14 – Titan Helmet – 13 SC ◦ Bones of Eao – Hunter Leg – 13SC ◦ Voidfang Vestements – Warlock Chest – 13SC ◦ Invective – Exotic Shotgun – 23SC ◦ Exotic Year 1 Engram – Helmet – 29SC Curios ◦ Plasma Drive – 23SC ◦ Emerald Coil – 23SC ◦ Heavy Ammo Synthesis – 1SC ◦ Three of Coins – 7SC ◦ Glass Needles – 3SC, 3 motes of light, ... Read More »
This year's instalment of WWE 2K17 is shaping up to be much better than previous incarnations. There's the return of the backstage brawl areas, the focus on My Career & WWE Universe, the brand new Promo Engine and the promise of a better than ever create a wrestler system. That's all enough to wet your wrestling appetite but perhaps most impressively is the prospect of one of the biggest rosters in a WWE game to date. Below is the list of every superstar and legend already confirmed for WWE 2K17. WWE Superstars Aiden English AJ Styles Baron Corbin Big E Bo ... Read More »
We reported here a couple of weeks ago that free to play poker game Prominence Poker would be coming to Xbox One. Well the time has arrived and the title is now officially live and available to play all for that low, low price of nothing. Major Nelson took time out of his busy schedule at Gamescon to confirm the news on Twitter. .@ProminencePoker is now available on Xbox One for FREE https://t.co/oj0bsHNPazpic.twitter.com/zK4JqTDmyF — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) 16 August 2016 The free-to-play poker game combines an authentic poker experience with realistic gameplay mechanics thanks to the input of poker superstar ... Read More »
There are rumours abound on the world wide web that Square Enix's blockbuster title Final Fantasy XV has been delayed. Various respected news sites are reporting that the top brass in Gamestop Corporate are being given the instruction to communicate the delay to customers. The leak comes in the form of an image that supposedly shows how to apply large stickers to in store promotional material. These stickers will cover up the initial 30th of September release date and convey the new date of 29th of November. Now of course there is the very real possibility that this is one ... Read More »
Fans of sports entertainment and video games are sure to be over joyed that the release date for WWE 2K17 is drawing ever closer. The game is already looking good, boasting new face scans for Brock Lesnar and co, some impressive entrances such as Finn Balor's chainsaw wielding Demon entrance and an attention grabbing roster featuring the likes of Baron Corbin, The Vaudevillains, Sasha Banks, Charlotte and The Ascension among others. Oh and let's not forget when discussing things to grab the attention that rather special NXT collectors edition. On to the focus of this article though, that being the ... Read More »
Injustice 2 is the follow up title to the critically acclaimed 2013 fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Much like it's predecessor Injustice 2 is being developed by NetherRealm Studios, with the infamous Ed Boon at the helm. For those that know of Ed Boon I'm sure you'll agree that he's not one to shy away from the spotlight, nor is he afraid to make controversial decisions, I mean when you're creative director of the studio most famous for Mortal Kombat then controversy is pretty much part of your DNA. Well, Mr Boon is at it again, taking to Twitter to discuss which ... Read More »
Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦  The Taikonaut – Titan Helmet  – 13 SC ◦  Young Ahamkara's Spine – Hunter Gauntlets – 13SC ◦ Starfire Protocol  – Warlock Chest – 13SC ◦ Super Good Advice  – Exotic Machine Gun  – 23SC ◦ Exotic Year 1 Engram – Special Weapon – 31SC Curios ◦ Emerald Coil – 23SC ◦ Void Drive – 23SC ◦ Heavy Ammo Synthesis – 1SC ◦ ... Read More »
Today has seen quite a lot of information released onto the world wide web regarding the development status of Halo Wars 2. The update came from Dan Ayoub, Studio Head of Strategy Games, 343 Industries. In a post on the official Halo Waypoint website Ayoub stressed that the studio have been working hard to rectify and fine tune some of the issues brought to their attention during the BETA stage a couple of months ago. One of the biggest problems the game faced during its BETA stage was the plague of connectivity and de-synch issues. The Head of Strategy Games at 343 ... Read More »
As we reported here back in May, Project Spark servers are set to be shut down this coming Friday. This is bad news for fans of the rather unique title as it means that user created content can no longer be uploaded or downloaded. This also means that any in game achievements that require input from the community such as downloads, uploads or remixes can no longer be earned so you'll need to get any missing ones out of the way pretty quick. The game won't cease to exist entirely this Friday though, with any content you've already downloaded and any ... Read More »

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