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I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location: Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦ The Taikonaut – Titan Helmet – 13 SC ◦ Young Ahamkara's Spine – Hunter Gauntlets – 13SC ◦ The Ram – Warlock Helmet – 13SC ◦ Red Death – Exotic Pulse Rifle – 23SC ◦ Legacy Exotic Engram – Chest – 29SC ◦ Shock Hazard – Ornament – Zhalo Supercell – 25SD ◦ Queen's Comman – Ornament – Telesto – 25SD Curios ◦ Plasma Drive – 23SC ◦ Emerald Coil – 23SC ◦ Heavy Ammo Synthesis ... Read More »
Battlefield 1 is already staking a claim to be one of the best selling and most popular shooters of all time. In a time where shooters seem to have become focused on jump packs, future warfare and alien or zombie enemies Battlefield 1 has taken a step back in time to some of history's darkest moments. The decision of the developers to go back to the era of World War 1 has proven to be an extremely prudent one, with both the campaign and multiplayer aspect garnering positive reactions across the board. In an effort to ensure that Battlefield 1's ... Read More »
Following yesterday's confirmation that Mirror's Edge and Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be joining the vault next week EA have confirmed that another new title will also be appearing amongst the free titles in the Vault. The Octagon awaits, members. @EASPORTSUFC 2 enters The Vault on 11/10: https://t.co/Z11Rpk5jhQpic.twitter.com/cRrsg6oe4R — EA Access (@EAAccess) November 3, 2016 That's right, it's time to put on your gloves, pop in your gum shield and go to town pulverizing your opponents or turning them into a human pretzel so that they have no choice but to submit. EA Sports UFC 2 will take pride and place in the ... Read More »
The latest instalment in the, now infamous, Call of Duty franchise is almost upon us. With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare set to release in less than 24 hours it should come as no surprise that there is still information being leaked about what player can expect. The latest information is that Infinite Warfare will feature two new difficulty levels. The first of these new difficulty levels is specialist mode, which is a mode that aims to make player really think and pushes them to adopt a smart play style as opposed to a run and gun one. Some of ... Read More »
Earlier this month the Steep Closed Alpha divided opinions amongst the extreme sports and gaming fans who spend their down time playing video games. Some camps enjoyed the Alpha a lot and saw it as a worthy spiritual successor to the SSX series. Others quite simply did not enjoy the small snippet they were privy to, citing difficulties getting to grips with the control system as well as the travel times as the prime gripes. Those with very little positive to say about their Alpha experience have not deterred UbiSoft one little bit. The pre-release schedule for Steep remains the ... Read More »
Xur: Squid face of the nine, Destiny’s weekend tentacle faced vendor is back with more Exotic offers! Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons, armour or curios, provided you have the Strange Coins for them. Location:   Wares: Weapons and Armour ◦ Eternal Warrior – Titan Helmet – 13 SC ◦ Aclyophage Symbiote – Hunter Helmet – 13SC ◦ Skull of Dire Ahamkara – Warlock Helmet – 13SC ◦ Bad JuJu – Exotic Pulse Rifle – 23SC ◦ Legacy Exotic Engram – Special Weapon – 29SC ◦ Moonglow – Ornament – Hawkmoon – 25SD ◦ The Wolves Remember – Ornament – Young ... Read More »
Lately, rumours of the Xbox: Project Scorpio being ahead of schedule seem to have been picking up steam on the juggernaut that is the Internet rumour mill. There seem to be murmurings from the darkest corners of the world wide web that the Scorpio is well on target to meet Microsoft's original release window. On that particular subject though there are more than just murmurs, the head honcho of Xbox himself, Phil Spencer, is less than quiet about how well the Scorpio team are doing. @RBeckerath I'm in a day long review of where the team is on Scorpio right ... Read More »
Welcome guardian to another weekly reset, It looks like a fun week all round for you Destiny fans, especially with the latest incarnation of Festival of the Lost now live! Nightfall: The Sunless Cell Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn Assault a prison deep in the heart of the Dreadnaught and put an end to a Hive champion. Modifiers •Epic - Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers. •Brawler - Guardian melee damage is greatly increased. •Chaff - Player radar is disabled. •Match Game - Enemy shields are resistant to all unmatched Elemental Damage. •Exposure - Guardian shields are increased ... Read More »
Perhaps one of the biggest console exclusive titles to come to the Xbox Ones since the system's launch is The Coalition's Gears of War 4. As such, it is imperative that the development team listen to the feed back of the games community to enable them to better understand what fans like & dislike as well as what they'd like to see added & taken away. Luckily for Gears fans it appears the coalition are doing just that. Yesterday a post published on the official Gears of War forums aimed to give fans an insight into what to expect from ... Read More »

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