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Hi everyone! Laura here (aka JumpZips), I'm an IT geek who's been gaming for more years than I'd like to admit to!. Last year, I decided to have a bash at YouTube (midlife crisis?) and I now create content for my own channels as well as Xbox One UK.

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PopCap have released paid DLC for their popular game Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 to sit alongside the recent Frontline Fighters update. With Christmas fast approaching, the new DLC has been titled the “Festive Edition”, and contains four sticker packs with the following content: 200,000 coins for spending in game Festive hat customisation for your characters – in true Plants vs Zombies style Instant access to Commando Corn. A Legendary character from the Frontline Fighters update that was released this week, who fires baby corn rockets which deal out additional splash damage Instant access to the close range, looty … Read More »

Ubisoft’s The Division has seen somewhat of a resurgence of late, with the new Survival update becoming an unexpected hit! This second major expansion of the game robs you of your hard-earned gear, and infects you with an illness. To survive on your journey to the centre of the map you’ll need to find clothes, food, and medicine alongside the usual NPCs and Rogue Agents intent on doing you harm. It turns the race for the best gear completely on its head, and really has tempted us back to Manhattan. Join Laura over on our YouTube channel as she tackles this new mode. Make sure you like … Read More »

PopCap Games, the developer of third-person shooter Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 have released a number of balancing adjustments after reviewing game data and feedback from players. Fans of Herbal Assault & Gardens and Graveyards game modes will notice capture time adjustments of objectives in several maps including Seeds of Time and Moonbase Z. If you find yourself on team Plant on Zombopolis, you’ll be pleased to learn that the final boss, Mega Zombot 6000, now has slightly decreased battery health and increased shield down time making this difficult map much easier to conquer! A number of characters have … Read More »

If you play Halo 5 this weekend – that’s 26-27 November – you’ll be the lucky recipient of an exclusive in-game emblem, Thanks Given. The emblem, revealed on the official Halo Twitter channel, looks a bit like Foghorn Leghorn’s been crammed into a Spartan helmet. We like it. We also like the idea of poor, defenceless, tasty birds donning armour and equipping Designated Marksmen Rifles whenever the Bernard Matthews truck rolls around… Play Halo 5 this weekend to get the elusive Thanks Given turkey emblem. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, from us at 343! pic.twitter.com/2PtCSXjUUR — Halo (@Halo) November 24, … Read More »

Ittle Dew 2 is an adventure RPG filled with humour. The titular Ittle is a headstrong girl who, along with her flying fox companion Tippsie, seeks out action, adventure, puzzles and loot in the island’s overworld, as well as defeating dungeon bosses in increasingly difficult locations such as pillow forts, trash caves and sand castles. Improving on its predecessor in many areas, we awarded Ittle Dew 2 a not inconsiderable 8 out of 10. “Ittle Dew 2 strides confidently into a crowded genre with the assurance that comes from knowing it’s better than the first game in the series in every … Read More »

Microsoft aims to regain control of the technological high ground with Project Scorpio and Mark Williams, Technical Director of VooFoo Studios’ believes that all that extra power will help developers achieve native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. VooFoo Studios’, developers of top down racing title Mantis Burn Racing, have already taken advantage of the increased graphical capabilities of the PS4 Pro, and in a recent interview, he welcomes the change that Project Scorpio will bring in Microsoft’s mid-generation console refresh saying; “It has generally been more difficult to reach 60fps on Xbox One than on PS4, so Scorpio … Read More »

After listening to fan requests, Rocket League developer Psyonix have announced an exciting new feature which will be released in their next update – Custom Training! Rocket League Custom Training will allow you to build and share your own training sequences with the community and help players of all skill levels become masters of this pick-up and play game. When creating your custom sequence, you will need to enter some basic information: 1. A name for your creation. 2. Which map you want to train in. 3. What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie). 4. How difficult … Read More »

Floating on a raft with my flying fox friend, we get a sudden surprise as we crash ashore onto a strange island. With our raft in pieces at the bottom of what, in all honestly, looks to be no more than a pond, we bump into the island’s caretaker Passel, a sinister man who advises us “Nosy Rogues” to get swimming as there are no rafts to be found around here! It’s clear that we’re not welcome and that Passel has something to hide – so we decide to search the old man and what do we find? A magical map … Read More »

As we approach Halloween, a trailer has been released showcasing some of the new features of Dead Rising 4, the next sequel to a fantastic series of open world zombie slaying games. Set in a Christmas-themed Willamette, Colorado the Memorial Megaplex Mall offers Frank West a multitude of items that can be crafted into weapons and creates new ways to slay those zombies. Playing as photojournalist Frank West on a quest to uncover the truth behind the outbreak, new character customisation options provide many ridiculous get ups to show off your zombie slaying abilities. The one and a half minute … Read More »

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