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A few days ago, Studio Wildcard delivered some good news to the Ark Xbox community, Fear Evolved has been confirmed for console and will be brought in on the v744 patch which will be released on Friday 28th October. Players will get the opportunity to collect new Halloween themed items, fight new monsters and even become monsters themselves. Those on the Scorched Earth will get the opportunity to face the brand new and very ferocious DodoWyvern. Players on the centre and Island maps will be able to take on the infamous DodoRex. Those on the Centre and Island maps will … Read More »

It seems the beans have been spilled on 2 game modes that will be available on the launch of Battlefield 1 If you have been playing the EA access trial you will have noticed a page dedicated to the custom games under multiplayer. Up until the launch of the early enlister edition there has been nothing on the page. Since the game is live in Australia and New Zealand, the list has been updated to tease some upcoming game modes: Fog of War and Hardcore. Hardcore has always been a fan favourite and well known to the game, no mini … Read More »

The World Rally Championship series has always been one of the most popular rally games around (alongside Colin McRae Rally and Dirt) and Bigben Games has done their best to make this off road racer as challenging and realistic as possible. If you’ve lost touch with rally sims and racers over the last couple of years, it might take you a little while to get back into it. Right from the start WRC 6 FIA World Rally Championship sends you a tutorial – and don’t take this lightly. WRC 6 is a tricky and challenging game, and as the tutorial’s co driver doesn’t give … Read More »

A rumour has emerged that Sledgehammer games may be taking the CoD fans back in time to the Vietnam War. Since the last few instalments has become too futuristic, Sledgehammer games may be putting a twist on things and bringing back the boots on the ground, pre modern war experience. According to the source, Sledgehammer games were tasked with making a new Call of Duty title by Activision a few years ago, but the developers had to take a different route. A Call of Duty by the name: Call of Duty: Fog Of War was a third person shooter set … Read More »

A Taiwanese version of battle.net has leaked a promotional teaser image of Junkrat hugging a Frankenstein equivalent of Roadhog. When the image was first revealed, the date of the event start was 10/11, since then it has been taken down and a new image has shown up showing the date as October 12th. Recently it has been confirmed that the Halloween monster invasion is going to take place on October 12th. Are you ready? Source: n4g.com Like our Facebook Page, our Facebook Group on Twitter and follow for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

Farming Simulator 17 is just over 2 weeks away and the Devs at Giants Software have included the ability for console farmers to use and create mods to make their gaming experience even better. Here at Giants Software, we consider modding to be an intrinsic part of the Farming Simulator experience. That’s why, in Farming Simulator 17, we’ve set up an extensive, organized system for implementing mods into the game – there’s now far greater mod support than any other entry in the series!  The mod hub will be the main place to access the mods within the game and … Read More »

A new feature will be coming into multiplayer called Spectator mode. Spectator mode allows you to freely wander around the map as the camera and see what the map is like without hectic battles, lock onto and follow other players and vehicles (Including horses) and move the camera around them. This will allow video makers to make great cinematics and content while playing multiplayer on Xbox One. Check out the full video below   Like our Facebook Page, our Facebook Group on Twitter and follow for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

A new update for consoles was released yesterday and it’s full of content for you to explore. Banners, blocks, beets and bears! Explore a new harsh snow biome and watch out for polar bears and their young, also get your own customisable banners, beetroots, restorative soups, new buildings, blocks and more. Take shelter from the harsh winter weather in brand new igloos and delve beneath the earth into caverns and find huge skeletons made out of bone blocks, will you find any treasure down there? New blocks include: End bricks, grass path, frosted ice, magma, nether wart block and red … Read More »

It has been discovered that for those buying a physical copy of either of the COD Infinite Warfare premium editions for COD MW Remastered, the disc for COD IW must be inserted to be able to play COD MW. COD MW Remastered is a digital download only that is bought with either of the premium editions of COD IW, digital or physical. For those buying the game digitally it obviously doesn’t apply as there is no disc. As there was such a fuss about the game on reveal, Activision have most likely added this compulsory IW ownership to stop people … Read More »

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