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Star Wars Battlefront’s latest trailer ties to The Force Awakens.

We’ve been seeing that Star Destroyer half-buried in the sand for several months now, but now in the latest teaser for Star Wars Battlefront we can watch its final airborne moments before plunging to the surface of Jakku. Watch the Trailer: It’s only 30 seconds but this trailer is intriguing in how it ties Battlefront to the story of The Force Awakens. For all we know, we’re picking up the film with events of the present day. This very clearly depicts an establishing sequence of events that will figure into the movie, which launches a month after the game, which … Read More »

Bedlam Review

Bedlam is a really awesome and funny game to play. The core ideas are great, the interesting and inspired environments, the gun play which gives you a nineties game feel are ridiculously accurate, frustratingly omniscient AI, and jumping puzzles all add up to a fantastic game experience with some great gaming moments! I really enjoyed this game. The idea of going on a journey through the history of gaming within a game is great and one of the reasons I loved the Evoland level, is because I feel that its the type of game I would no longer play so this teaches me … Read More »

CD Projekt RED’s Next Game Referenced In The Witcher 3.

There was a game announced back in 2012 by CD Projekt RED, developers of the latest hit The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – that was called Cyberpunk 2077, a game that takes place in a futuristic dystopian setting, based on the tabletop series of the same name. Watch the video referencing the new game: There is one part during The Witcher 3, when the character Ciri explains a place she visited through the use of her ability to visit other worlds and universes, which she describes as people “owning flying ships, and had metal in their head.” Could this be … Read More »

EA Has No Interest Or Time For HD Remakes.

EA has no interest or time for HD remakes, so a mass effect trilogy is not going to happen any time soon. When publishers release old games on new platforms, EA COO Peter Moore said, “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas.” Moore explained why they don’t want to do this he then said, “Remakes, because of who we are, and this broad portfolio of intellectual property…you add all that together, I don’t know where we find the time to do remakes,” Moore said. “We’re a company that just likes to push forward.” Of course, … Read More »

Sheltered Receives Combat and Quests Update.

Games industry veteran, Team17 and independent developer Unicube is excited to announce the arrival of the Combat and Quests update for their post-apocalyptic disaster management game Sheltered. With all hope lost, will you cope in this bleak new world. How you handle the many moral choices you’ll encounter on a daily basis could be the difference between your family surviving or dying. Combat claustrophobia, radiation and mental exhaustion as you cling desperately to life in the cramp, cold and scary underground shelter. You’ll have to leave the scant protection the shelter offers behind as you explore outside in the dangerous wasteland to scavenge … Read More »

Black Ops III Story Missions Unlocked From The Start.

The new Call Of Duty will have all its campaign missions unlocked at the start, meaning you wont have to play the whole story to see the conclusion. It will give the players flexibility to consume the content how they want to. Campaign director Jason Blundell said this  “The unlocking level system is an archaic mentality we’ve had since we did bedroom development back in the day – you do this, then go on to the next one.” Unlike Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Black Ops III cant really rely on Kevin Spacey to keep the attention of players in … Read More »

Battle Islands Now Available To Download On Xbox One.

Battle Islands the popular, free to play world war II strategy game is now available to download on Xbox One, bringing new content to the platform. Players who go to war on the Xbox One will have exclusive access to the following content. Firstly we have Ranger Mode which players can jump in to the action and take full control of their units. You will also get the chance to take your very own veteran ranger to fight alongside your troops. Next we have New Units, you will have special units you can use to attack enemy bases and seize … Read More »

Call Of Duty Black Ops III- Cybercore: Chaos

Call Of Duty Have now put on their YouTube channel new Cybecore Chaos abilities, these will focus on throwing the enemies in to a state of confusion. There are a few abilities you can choose from like the Electronic Strike ability which replaces your melee to send electricity through your enemy killing them in one blow. Watch this video: As you will also see in the video they mention three more abilities, like the Adaptive Immolation which will give you the opportunity to attack from afar hacking the enemies explosives. Secondly there is the Firefly Swarm where once unleashed they will … Read More »

Teslapunk Retro Shooter Out On Xbox One Today

KlutzGames releases their retro shoot em up game Teslapunk for digital download today, it combines awesome visuals with action packed and addictive gameplay. It takes you to a dark retro-future with high voltage powered vintage machines. Defend Earth against Emperor Zangorax and popular Martian DJ by night. Teslapunk comes with two game modes, in arcade mode you will play through 6 levels dodging bullets, killing enemies and sometimes cancelling bullets with a feature called Voltage Burst. Using this feature also will raise the difficulty level. In survival mode u will endure countless waves of enemies, collecting coins and power ups along the … Read More »

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