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Battleborn’s First Hero DLC Set For Launch, Double XP Event Soon

Battleborn just released on the 3rd of this month and already we have new content releasing this month. The first little bit coming out will be in the form of a new character, Alani, which will be the first of five free characters to come out for the title. Alani is from the Eldrid faction where she was a healer turned warrior, from a world that is home to vast oceans. She uses her power over water to do damage and fulfill a medic role in combat. Season pass holders will receive a Hero Key that will unlock any character of … Read More »

Techland Working On New IP; Possibly Dying Light Sequel Too

Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka recently interviewed with Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese about the goings-on with the studio as of late. They have been working on a new open world fantasy game, that will sport RPG elements similar to Dying Light, and will feature both a single-player and co-operative multiplayer. Curiously, when asked about the other game they’ve been working on, they played coy. Both of the new titles they’ve been working on have been in development for more than a year now, and have large teams working on them; somewhere to the tune of about 300 people split between the two studios, in Warsaw … Read More »

Star Trek Online Warps Onto Consoles This Fall

Forgive the bad title. I couldn’t help myself. For those that aren’t in the know, Arc’s Star Trek Online is a free-to-play title that boasts a robust breadth of content on PC. Arc’s plans for the console version will aim to include the content from the PC version with some addition flair. There are obviously some hurtles to overcome when converting a PC MMO to work on consoles, considering that the PC benefits from the use of a keyboard and mouse. They are focusing on improving the engine and graphics of the game to help deliver a better experience. One of … Read More »

May Content For The Division’s Season Pass Owners Drops Today

Season Pass holders for The Division have something to look forward to today. Some new goodies have been dropped into the game for those that purchased the pass in the form of some new weapon skins and crafting materials. The listed content includes the weapon skins Safari Purple and Burst Mountain, and five of each type of High-End crafting materials. So if you’re an owner of the pass, it’s time to take advantage. The exclusive Season Pass content drop for May 2016 has been delivered on all platforms ! — The Division (@TheDivisionGame) May 12, 2016 Make sure you … Read More »

Battlefront II To Release Sometime In 2017

Given the way things go in the games industry, it would have been naive to assume that 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront would be alone in the franchise for long. Well brace yourselves, because EA has let slip that Star Wars Battlefront II will be releasing sometime in the year 2017. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen let slip on an earnings call yesterday that Battlefront II will be releasing next year, and reiterated that both Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment will be putting out Star Wars titles in the next few years as well. The terms of the agreement allow EA studios to make titles … Read More »

Prepare For Titanfall 2

The sequel to the shooter Titanfall (aptly named Titanfall 2) will deploy this fall near the same release window as Battlefield 1, which will hit the trenches on October 21st. Luckily, EA seems to be optimistic about the two titles coexisting in proximity to each other, though it will remain to be seen whether or not the two will affect each other’s sales. Respawn Entertainment is also the studio behind the yet-unnamed third-person adventure title set in the Star Wars universe. Make sure you like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews … Read More »

“Tireless Menace” Update To The Long Dark Adds Breadth Of Changes

The Long Dark from Hinterland Studios (currently in Game Preview on Xbox One) is an unforgiving venture into the wilds of Canada, and things just got better… or possibly worse. Hinterland has just recently released a new patch to the Sandbox Alpha mode that adds a veritable ton of new features and content, which I will disclose to you fine folks now. The game has until now been limited to a pure survival experience, though a story mode will be coming to the full version when it officially releases. To bridge the gap and add some new content to the game, Hinterland … Read More »

How To Collect Your Free Phoenix Credits For The Division

If you’ve been playing The Division lately and keeping up with the news on it, you may have heard about the numerous issues that it has. Furthermore, you likely heard about Ubisoft’s consolation for some of those bugs. More specifically, all players that sign in to the game this weekend will receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for not having access to the daily missions prior to the April 12th update. Additionally, all players that fell victim to the backpack bug or lost a character will receive 500 Phoenix Credits. You may be wondering how you go about claiming those … Read More »

Cam Rogers Speaks About Quantum Break Story

In a recent interview, Windows Central was able to squeeze some information about the Quantum Break narrative elements from one of Remedy Entertainment’s writers, Cam Rogers. Rogers spoke at length with Windows Central about some of the choices they made with the plot. He even touched on some of the surprising details behind the way things work in the game, specifically the time travel mechanics. The branching storyline turned out to be one of the problems that Remedy faced. Introducing choice into the game required the development team to attempt to balance player freedom with a cohesive plot. If you’ve … Read More »

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