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Destiny 2’s Alexa App Provides A Real-Life Ghost Companion!

In Destiny 2, your Ghost is your voice – he does all your talking. However, with Amazon’s Alexa, you can talk back, and give as good as you get. Publisher Activision and Amazon recently joined forces and produced the “Destiny 2 Ghost Skill” for Alexa. Now, Alexa will let you ask her questions and complete in-games tasks, with voice acting by Nolan North. Amazon is selling an optional limited-edition Ghost speaker too. While this isn’t an Alexa device in itself, it will link up with your current device. When answering your questions, your device will light up, making it more … Read More »

Final Fantasy XV Appears In Assassin’s Creed

Do you remember a few months back, when Assassin’s Creed crossed over into Final Fantasy? You do? Good! This time, tides have turned, with a rather thought-provoking discovery has been made. Now, the footage of the Easter Egg is currently blocked off in the game, but a cunning PC gamer managed to manipulate the cameras and by using a camera cheat, they managed to access a hidden area of the map. This area is home to a secret room, that of which the Easter Egg is found in. We’re thinking that it will be released in an upcoming update. Within the room, the … Read More »

Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Unleashing “Eater Of Worlds” Raid Lair

Having been out since September, it’s taken fans by storm.. However, there’s something fans feel missing… And eventually – it’s here. Buck up guardians, and get ready for the new Destiny 2 expansion pack. As well has the new expansion pack, the weekly reset time will also be changing. Bungie has released in depth information about what is t0 be included within the add on, including a Raid Lair Where the game is not bringing a new raid out, a Raid Lair called “Eater Of Worlds” will be introduced. It will be added to the Leviathan Raid, but will be a … Read More »

Dreambreak – Xbox One Review

Your average joe: Eugene. He’s accused of murder, something completely different to his everyday life. Using every method possible, you must assist Eugene in his quest to untangle the webs of lies, deceit and twisted tales that he has become rolled up in. Eugene must discover who is friend, and who is foe, all while collecting different vinyl records for his pleasure. The game will require you to hack drone cops, race fast hover bikes, and lock horns with the rich and respected in nightclubs across the city. The aim of the game is to clear your name, and solve … Read More »

Original Xbox Games Are Coming To Backwards Compatibility!

Nostalgia? Great thing, huh? Well… Microsoft revealed that there are 13 new games hitting its backward compatibility programme. At this year’s E3 event, the company announced that the games are going to be released in conjunction with the upcoming console. Now… We’re finding out which games are appearing as they start to emerge on the Xbox store online. Embrace the dark side, and give in to the force within, as Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is listed among those we are seeing. But is it going to slip through our fingers, just like time..? Next on the list is Prince Of Persia: The … Read More »

Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Confirmed!

The Xbox One is finally getting a keyboard and mouse, how about that? To make prospects greater, the Hori Tactical Assault Commander Pro One is officially licensed by Microsoft, so it should be up to scratch. With the price to yet be decided, here’s some of the features: Key and sensitivity settings can be saved to user profiles, and can be adjusted using a mobile app. There are special features such as a ‘Snipe’ button, quick button, ADS lock, and much more. It has an ample design, which has an adjustable palm rest for addition comfort. And it has an LED-backlit … Read More »

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Developers Square Enix have announced the release date for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 2. The second installment to the game is due to hit us next week. Differing from Life Is Strange, the game follows Chloe Price, Max Caulfield’s best friend. The trailer for the new game portrays Chloe, and her more rebellious streak. As David becomes a more permanent part of her family life, Frank offers Chloe a job, which is a chance to repay her debts to him. In her decision to take the job, things take a turn for the worst. The first episode of the game … Read More »

Candleman’s Lost Light DLC

Spotlightor Interactive vowed to fans of Candleman that a DLC will be released in October this year. The DLC is believed to offer a “real ending of the game story”, with which fans were overjoyed to hear. With a total of 12 levels, the run time will roughly amount to one hour and a half, with three chapters too. Spotlightor is rumoured to perhaps be adding features such as a leaderboard. While it is not certain that this will be released with the DLC, it is questionable whether anymore features will come with the update, including the leaderboard itself. The Lost … Read More »

Has Street Fighter: The Anniversary Edition Finally Been Leaked?

The idea pops up everywhere. But it leaves fans just questioning whether or not we are going to see a Street Fighter Anniversary Special. Picture this: August 1987. Street Fighter hits Japanese arcades. Some of you may remember, while some of you may be too young.. 1991. The sequel hits us. It catches fans by the storm, really setting off its sales. This year, it’s turning 30. While Capcom have been doing various things to promote the game’s birthday over the past few months, across European store fronts, a ‘Street Fighter Anniversary Collection’ has been seen. It’s been creeping up … Read More »

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