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Last year, Publisher 1C confirmed the release of their upcoming game, Unknown Fate. The intriguing first-person adventure game consists of conspicuous creatures and eye-capturing environments. Ever since 1C announced this, information about the game has been running on empty, with no-one really knowing what's going on. However, earlier this week, a new trailer was officially released, packed with new information about the game. The official Gamescom trailer unleashes new characters, new locations and of course, new gameplay mechanics. With the mechanics enabling the character to progress throughout the strange world of Unknown Fate, it shouldn't be overlooked, as it may ... Read More »
The Xbox Games With Gold program brings two more free games to play to all Xbox Live Gold members. As announced last month, the new games that are hitting the stores are Ubisofts racer, Trials Fusion for Xbox One, and the Volition developed third-person shooter, Red Faction: Armageddon. The backwards compatibility program allows Red Faction to be played on the Xbox One console. Those who missed out on last month's Games With Gold can still get Slime Rancher from the store. If the Gold subscription is no longer active, then only Xbox 360 games that have been claimed will be playable, as opposed to the ... Read More »
Will the music app be coming across to console? Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, was seen using the app, which stated that it was specifically designed for the Xbox console. A screenshot has emerged of 'Major Nelson' (Hryb's Gamertag) using the app. While Hryb hasn't responded to any comments on the matter, he has been active in other areas. With it stating that the app was 'for Xbox', any notion that he was using the Windows version of the app has been shot down. In light of the release of the Xbox One ... Read More »
Microsoft have announced that there are 80 enhanced titles waiting for the new console, Xbox One X. Ever since the announcement of the Xbox powerhouse in 2016, developers have engaged with the Xbox One X. Microsoft have affirmed that 80 games will be released on the improved kit. While some have not yet been released, others will require patches to allow them to correspond with the new gear. Games such as Halo 5, The Elder Scrolls: Online, and Minecraft have been altered and upgraded in order to support 4K resolution, as well as being improved to be at a high enough standard for the ... Read More »
It's time to "witness the birth of a dark army", and fight back the hordes of the undead. Today, the world was told that Nazi Zombies will be making a comeback (no pun intended). The game mode is set to feature: David Tennant as former art thief, Drostan Hynd; Katheryn Winnick (star of Vikings) in the part of Marie Fischer, a tactician and certified engineer; Elodie Yung as Olivia Durant, whom is an art historian and of course, a weapons expert; Ving Rhames as Jefferson Potts, academic and military man; Udo Kier, voice actor in Command & Conquer, as Doktor ... Read More »
With the much anticipated Destiny 2 ready to hit our stores on September 6, there are many things to look forward to. A video releasing more information about the upcoming game has been dropped upon fans like a Titan Hammer. Everything is completely new to crucible, and with the new features it will make every engagement that little bit more tactical. With the new feature to be able to track super abilities, you can see exactly what state your current opponent is in. Not only can you now see what super people have used, but you can also see their chosen ... Read More »
Developer DICE and Electronic Arts Inc. have awoken the force within fans by revealing information on what to expect from the new Star Wars Battlefront II Beta. With 20v20 Galactic Assault Mode on the plains of Naboo, Theed City will join clone troopers and battle droids alike in a bust up to battle for the royal quarters.  With an exclusive look at the Galactic Assault mode, you'll be able to take control of your own Starfleet, putting you in the cockpit of some of the most iconic Starfighters within galactic history. In this year's up and coming Gamescom, details of this ... Read More »
With the release date firmly under wraps still, more details of Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition keep emerging from the light. Screaming Villains, whom are the team behind the revitalisation of the FMV game, revealed a new trailer which entailed the all new Survivor Mode. Including this, they have teased us with the release of new modes for both the Xbox One and PS4. The video is a series of highlights, outlining the bad guys of the game falling into a series of booby traps, whom are known as the Augers. The outline of the game is that there is a house ... Read More »
From developers Mad Gear Games comes A Hole New World. Enter the Potion Master, saviour of the city. As you undergo the role of hero with only your fairy, Fay, and your potions to help you, can you save the city from an undesirable fate? With a backstory given to you when you first start the game, you are thrown straight into the 8-bit world of chaos. There is no tutorial, so you are left stranded with Inverted World monsters coming at you left, right and centre. The layout of the map is set so that if you fall down ... Read More »

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