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Ahhhh, to be a pirate! Setting sail on open waters without a care in the world. Until you encounter a game breaking bug of some kind. That’s never fun, and it’s something Rare are hoping to avoid with their upcoming Sea of Thieves. With that in mind, Rare have announced that next weekend, from December 16th, will play host to the first of a series of scheduled technical playtests, with the aim of refining core features and determining the direction that the development takes. Of course, not everyone can be a part of this technical alpha. Oh no no, this … Read More »

The library of Xbox 360 backwards compatible games is growing by the week, with popular games such as Burnout Paradise and Skate 3 being added over these past few weeks. Of course, there’s always more games to add, and today sees the inclusion of three more games. Major Nelson tweeted the latest announcement: Shadowrun, Space Ark and Shotest Shogi are coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/iDNwpyFA5N — / Larry Hryb / (@majornelson) December 8, 2016 Space Ark and Shotest Shogi might be of interest to some gamers, but Shadowrun is the big announcement today. A multiplayer only FPS … Read More »

Welcome back to Xbox One UK’s regular reflection; where we take a look at the list of Xbox 360 titles that became backwards compatible in the last month, and try to point out a couple of highlights. I know what the top game of last month was. You know what the top game of last month was. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion when that game was announced, but there were some other highlights during the month of November. Honourable Mentions The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion The Xbox 360’s first premier RPG title, Oblivion was the game that made … Read More »

Two hours into my Furi play session, the music is pounding through the LS20 LucidSound Amplified Headset, my eyes fixated on the screen in attempt to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. The headphones have immersed me so much that I fail to notice my mother entering my room to tap me on the shoulder… Looks like I need a new pair of pants to go with this headset. The LS20 is the latest headset to come from the recently formed LucidSound. We’ve reviewed their other product, the LS30, and we were rather fond of it. So hopes were high … Read More »

Forget your Guardians of the Galaxy, screw your Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay and shove your Game of the Year winners. There’s only one piece of news you should be concerned about coming out of The Game Awards: BULLETSTORM IS GETTING REMASTERED! Bulletstorm was an underrated first person shooter that challenged you to “kill with skill”. Armed with a meaty kick and a brilliant energy whip, enemies weren’t so much threats as they were fodder for your artistic murdering. Unfortunately, sales were lacklustre, and despite the sequel bait ending, Bulletstorm looked to be a one and done affair. A shame really, … Read More »

There’s a certain exhilaration gamers feel when playing 3-D beat ‘em ups like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising and others. Sure, simply beating the enemies looks cool and makes you feel good, but the true dizzying high comes with skill. The perfect parries, the last-second evades, the last pixel of health comebacks; all of these and more combine to make these games special. Furi epitomises that credo to a fault. Furi isn’t about memorising inputs for intricate combo strings, or even about upgrading yourself as you go. Furi gives you all the tools you need to win from … Read More »

You got a friend who plays Gear of War on PC, but you play on Xbox? Ever wanted to curb stomp their virtual face into virtual pavement? This weekend might be just the ticket. The Coalition have announced that the Crossplay Versus playlist will be available this weekend as a test to “evaluate the potential of a more permanent crossplay solution in the future to allow Windows 10 and Xbox One gamers to play together in Versus outside of Private Matches.” As an added incentive, you’ll earn increased XP for win/loss match completion. You might never even match up with a … Read More »

In our review for Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, we hoped there would be more support for the game down the line. Looks like our wish just got granted! Developers Fatshark Games just dropped the new trailer for the DLC pack Karak Azgaraz. Try saying it 3 times fast for more points. The trailer shows the Skaven invading the titular Dwarfen fortress, located in the snow covered Grey Mountains. The pack amounts to 3 new levels of Skaven murdering fun times, and 2 completely new weapons: a Warpick for the Dwarf Ranger and a Falchion for the Witch Hunter. … Read More »

November gave us Xbox One gamers a lot of great gifts on the backwards compatibility program (Omega Five, anyone?), but with the run-up to Christmas now officially underway, the gifts are still coming. Major Nelson took to Twitter, as per usual, to reveal the next additions to the backwards compatibility library: Injustice: Gods Among Us (incl disc only Ultimate Ed) & Haunted House are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today https://t.co/qPMRNrLoTQpic.twitter.com/TD0zs9zIO8 — / Larry Hryb / (@majornelson) December 1, 2016 Haunted House seems like it’s late by over a month. Halloween was back in October! Still, the big news … Read More »

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