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Here's a story that might create some debate: Microsoft expect a huge surge of Xbox 360 gamers upgrading to the Xbox One by the end of this year. Aaron Greenberg, Xbox's Product Manager, has said that there are Xbox 360 players were waiting for an excuse to upgrade to the latest consoles. In an interview with GameSpot, Greenberg said: “There’s tens of millions of Xbox 360 fans that are out there that are still playing on Xbox 360 and they’re waiting for the right time and the right reason to migrate over to Xbox One." “Whether they’ve been waiting for the first ... Read More »
Fan favourite brawler Tekken 7 has been in Japanese arcades since February, but we've all been waiting patiently for a console release, and finally it looks like Bandai Namco are gearing up for an announcement... In a post on their Facebook page, a new video has been unveiled celebrating 20 years of the Tekken franchise, along with revealing some new footage of Tekken 7. The post also says that "Tekken 7 is leaving arcades and coming to YOU!" However, the only announcement so far is that Tekken 7 is coming to the "home consoles", so the question remains: is Tekken ... Read More »
The discerning Xbox fans amongst you will no doubt have signed up for Xbox Live Rewards. For the uninitiated, it's a service that rewards you for buying games and other media from the Xbox Store, in the form of Microsoft Account rebates. Obviously, it's nothing huge. Usually it amounts to a couple of quid here and there, but every little helps right? Anyway, Xbox Live Rewards is running a promotion right now that rewards you for buying the latest exclusive titles. Between 27th October and the 7th January, if you purchase any or all of the following games - Halo ... Read More »
It's almost that time of year again: that time when gamers up and down the land meet to beat each other senseless with steel chairs... and also play the newest WWE game. With it's impending release on Friday, 2K have dropped a new trailer that showcases some of the new features and improvements of this year's iteration. Notable highlights include pre-match warm-ups whilst you're in matchmaking, meaning you have something to do whilst you wait, an increase in the amount of match types and the ability to form tag teams with your friends and seek out the competition. Lastly is ... Read More »
With the Hard Mode of King's Fall hitting Destiny tomorrow at 10am Pacific time, Bungie have released their weekly update to give players some clarity on what went in to creating the raid, along with a few other details. First, let's talk about the raid. Lead Designer Gavin Irby has written a few words about King's Fall and what you could possibly expect: "For a long time, we play-tested internally in Hard Mode, treating it as the default experience. Once we were satisfied, we removed them to arrive at the Raid you have already played." He goes on to say ... Read More »
At 6pm on October 23rd, the hard mode of the latest Destiny raid, King's Fall, was released for any Guardians tough enough to face the challenge. However... At 7:16pm, Bungie tweeted that Oryx had already been conquered, announcing that clan Forever LivE are the world's first Guardians to take on Hard Mode and live to tell the tale. It's official! Clan Forever LivE is the first team to complete King's Fall Hard Mode! Congratulations!!! pic.twitter.com/dbvO6bNoBh — Bungie (@Bungie) October 23, 2015 When you compare that to the 14 hours it took for PrimeGuard to best Vault of Glass way back when, ... Read More »
Quaternion Studio and EnjoyUp Games have announced that their WiiU and Steam game Rock Zombie will be hitting the Xbox One Marketplace, though a date hasn't been confirmed. Described as a combination of "classic gameplay from the Arcade Golden Age with modern 3D graphics", Rock Zombie sees you controlling a member of a female rock group as your concert is besieged by zombies, because... why not? The game boasts 20 levels against a variety of foes, a wide array of weapons and costumes and a hard rock/alt rock/nu-metal soundtrack. Perfect for those who like to bang their head every now ... Read More »
About a month ago, we covered the release of Curve Digital's Instant Indie Collection Volume 1, a bundle of a indie games packaged at a reduced price. Well, they're back again with the inventively titled Instant Indie Collection Volume 2. Whilst the previous collection focused primarily on platforming titles, this Friday's release is much more eclectic mix, containing the likes of procedurally-generated heist game The Swindle, sports game Pumped BMX + or "Trials on a bicycle", and sci-fi strategy/puzzle hybrid Nova-111. Volume 2 will set you back £20, which is £10 cheaper than buying the three games separately, so if you're ... Read More »
When I first heard about the collaboration between the legendary Transformers franchise and beat ‘em up extraordinaires Platinum Games, tickets were immediately booked for the hype train. I did have a fondness for High Moon’s War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, but they never grabbed my attention as much as the sight of Bumblebee pulling off shoryukens on Decepticon scumbags. Remember, childhood dreams sometimes do come true. The premise is simple: Megatron has found something beneath the city, and is now destroying said city to get it. You, the Autobots of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and Grimlock, must ... Read More »

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