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Permit us to conduct somewhat of a “State of Overwatch” address, if you will. So Overwatch came out. It’s awesome, but still a work in progress like most multiplayer only games these days. Some of will come in the form of tweaks, some in the form of a new mode, but we’ll be waiting longer for one rather than the other. Let’s start with the new mode. The team at Blizzard have been working on a ranked matchmaking mode, Competitive Play, which is due to come out later this month (though someone on the Overwatch twitter accidentally said late July). … Read More »

Not all games can be as relentlessly chipper as Rocket League, or Sunset Overdrive. Sometimes videogames like to delve into the bleakness of the human soul and the unremitting cruelty of this universe in which we exist, for there is no God and anything we do in the world will be a mere stain on the fabric of reality… Yeah, we’re getting dark here today. Join me, as we take a look at 10 Games That Prove Life is Just Plain Cruel. Honourable Mentions All Telltale Games – Pretty much all of the Telltale games at least grapple with dark, … Read More »

A gorilla scientist, a shotgun wielding Grim Reaper, a cybernetic ninja, an angel, a dwarf mechanic and the world’s most hated transforming turret walk into the Temple of Osiris. As squads go, that’s a pretty good one to aspire towards… Now, seeing a team like that in any other game might cause you to channel your inner Monty Python and say “Stop that now! It’s silly!” Overwatch, however, says that’s just a normal Tuesday afternoon. Overwatch is a first person MOBA that sees you and a team of freaks with unique traits and abilities face off against other teams of … Read More »

As sure as the sun rises, grass grows and Donald Trump says something a tad controversial, Bungie are back again with another weekly update for us to disseminate and relay to you lovely folks. Let’s begin, shall we? Anyone catch the Twitch stream for the Crucible yesterday? Basically a bunch of devs talked about what goes into making a Crucible map, but today’s update confirmed that they’re hard at work on some new arenas for us Guardians to do battle. Hotfix, otherwise known as Lord Saladin’s Reclamation, went live, putting a stop to all your infinite rocket shenanigans. Bungie … Read More »

This one could be very interesting indeed… Sloclap, a studio formed in Paris by former Ubisoft employees, have revealed the trailer for their debut project, Absolver, which is billed as an Online Melee RPG game. The official description from publishers Devolver Digital points to a sort of Destiny/Division’s Dark Zone type of experience, as you wander an unknown land, encounter other players, form groups and do battle either in the world itself or as part of official PvP arenas in a bid to become an “Absolver”. The twist is that the combat is purely martial arts focused, with you learning … Read More »

Your friends here at Xbox One UK are here with a quick reminder/public service announcement about Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Got that EA Access subscription at the ready? You’ll get to play Mirror’s Edge from June 2nd, a full week before the official European release of June 9th. Strangely though, the trial will only last for six hours, instead of the usual EA Access standard of 10 hours. Whilst EA haven’t made an official comment regarding this decision, it would be fair to surmise that this is to stop gamers from either finishing the game without actually making the purchase or … Read More »

Bored with sending his Herald, Omen, to do his dirty work, Gargos has been unveiled to the world in a livestream hosted by Iron Galaxy, and he’ll be available to body scrubs in Killer Instinct ranked matches from May 27th. Available as part of the Season 3 bundle, Gargos looks like the unholy fusion of Firebrand and M.Bison (he has a damn Psycho Crusher), with a moveset seemingly catered towards keeping the opponent at bay. Gargos can punch you through a portal at long distance, and summon two minions to frustrate his opponent. He can also jump 4 times before … Read More »

Sounds like some enterprising young Guardians have found a way to break the fabric of reality within Destiny, causing some players to walk around the Crucible with infinite heavy ammo, making This Week At Bungie more loaded than usual. Let’s break it down: As mentioned, Bungie have been on a proverbial bug hunt looking for ways to eliminate the infinite heavy glitch, but in the meantime, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are on hold. Fair enough, really. No one wants, as Bungie puts it, “Clown Car” Rockets. Bungie’s Matchmaking Overlords (cool name) are looking into reports of longer than … Read More »

Say hello to the next game to make the jump from Game Preview to fully fledged title: it’s Prison Architect, getting its full release on June 28th. Also announced is some new DLC titled “All Day and a Night”, which will be free to anyone who either pre-orders the game through retailers or purchases the Game Preview edition of the game. This new DLC will include 8 new Wardens, 8 new maps and 8 new plots for you to construct your prisons; more than enough reason for you to be re-incarcerated. For anyone who hasn’t played the game, Prison Architect, it’s … Read More »

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