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Forza Horizon 3 has been officially revealed at this year’s E3 and will boast cross-platform play between Xbox and Windows 10. The open world driving game and will build upon the first 2 games success’. The game will feature 4 player co-op and we are told seamless party play so a friend can immediately drop into the game. Below you can find the official gorgeous looking trailer for Forza Horizon 3: The game looks a thing of beauty and will boast the largest roster of cars in Forza Horizon history, including the flagship car of the trailer, the stunning Lamborghini Centenario. Are you excited … Read More »

For those of you who may have missed EA’s conference last night at E3 (or maybe it just passed you by) we thought you might like to catch up on the amazing-looking trailer for the sequel to the ever popular Titanfall. If that’s whetted your appetite, EA have released details of the Vanguard edition of the game, priced at $250. In British pounds that’s an eye watering £175, but let’s take a look at what that outlay will buy you. (Thanks, Polygon). You will receive a full-scale helmet! Yes that’s right – the helmet will actually fit over your head (or in theory … Read More »

You may have read our recent article in which we shared a couple of clues that a new Dead Rising game might be in the works, that it could potentially be a 4-player co-op adventure set in winter, and that it seemed that the fourth instalment in the franchise will be exclusive to Xbox One. Well, there’s a little more weight to these rumours now that  several screen shots leaked on NeoGaf today, and were picked up by Eurogamer. Furthermore, it really is starting to look like Dead Rising 4 is a remake of the first entry in the series – fitting, as the … Read More »

Telltale are currently at E3 and have let some details of the upcoming Batman Telltale game slip before the conference has even began. They have released some screeners, and also some information about who will be cast as voice actors, and other details. The release date has yet to be announced but it is expected this summer, we are led to believe. Telltales CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Bruner had this to say about the upcoming series: “We’ve been hard at work at Telltale creating an all-new iteration of the iconic Batman story that puts players in the suit of billionaire Bruce … Read More »

That’s right folks if you haven’t already played this game you can download it and play for free in the latest in a long line of promotions by Microsoft. The key figure of the game was Stone Cold Steve Austin and showcasing his career from the very beginning. Also the game boasted the biggest roster ever seen in a wrestling game. Having played through it we really enjoyed seeing and in some cases reliving Stone Colds best moments in the show. The offer is to celebrate E3 but also to help publicise the upcoming money in the bank Pay Per … Read More »

Yes you heard that right folks if you have Xbox live gold then you can download EA Access and all of the 22 games that are currently available in EA’s ever expanding Vault. The idea is to give people a taster of the application and the free games so they may realise just how good of a deal EA Access is and how lucky we are as Xbox owners to be treat with such a brilliant by EA and Microsoft. It’s worth noting that normally EA Access also usually grants the user early access to the games that EA plan … Read More »

You heard that right if you pre-order Destiny – Rise of Iron expansion pack you will receive the fabled Gjallarhorn gun that divided the community’s opinion so much that some loved it and some hated it. That usually depended on whether you actually had the rocket launcher or not. It was super powerful so much so some people refused to play with others if they didn’t have the mighty weapon in their inventory. Until Bungie stepped in and made some major changes and as everyone knows dropped it from the Year 2 inventory. The mighty Gjallarhorn is back though and … Read More »

This is one game that people are really excited about and it’s easy to see why. Friends and no doubt partners were lost over this game. It seems that an online retailer has listed Skyrim as a remaster and also let slip it’s release date as well! (Please note this is a rumour but a heavy rumour at that) It has been been rumoured for days now that Bethesda were about to announce a remaster at E3 and this could be telltale sign that yes indeed they are in the process of remastering the game. Once again people will rejoice … Read More »

In the next hour if you tune into Twitch and have a look at Eidos Montreal’s channel you can see some exclusive footage of the new Deus Ex game Mankind Divided and they will also be discussing other potential new games they may be bringing out. Eidos Montreal made the promise of a pre E3 glimpse of this much-anticipated game the other day and we thought we would let you guys know when and how to tune in. HERE you can find the twitch stream and the broadcast will start at 8:30AM PT/11:30 ET so that means it will start in the UK at … Read More »

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