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I'm Shellie. Been playing Xbox for 8yrs now. Own a few consoles and retro too. Favourite game is Super Smash TV on the SNES. I play a wide variety of games. You will see me playing Star Wars Battlefront/ Titanfal and a little bit of Plants v Zombies 2. Add me up, my GT is D1amond74.

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There’s a certain kind of masochist who lives for challenging, maddening, infuriating platform experiences like that offered by Fenix Furia. This is the kind of person who is super-humanly resistant to teeth-gnashing, controller-throwing, cat kicking-fits of rage (disclaimer: we never kick cats.) Fenix Furia – formerly Fenix Rage before a lawsuit forced a name change – offers the scantest of story lines and an Everest-sized challenge. The comparison with Super Meat Boy might feel lazy, but with a similar level of difficulty, instant restarts for when things go wrong, and the chasm that exists between recognising the right path through … Read More »

Survival games tend to be a wee bit stressful. Drink. Eat. Find shelter. Don’t let that monster eat your face. Warnings, everywhere, reminding you that you are only ever moments away from some terrible end. It’s all bloody exhausting. Subnautica – part of the Xbox One Game Preview programme – seems to buck this trend. These systems –  hunger, thirst – exist in Subnautica, but they take a backseat to exploration of the stunning underwater world. And they’re optional, too; there’s a freedom mode (which we really enjoyed) which focuses entirely on all the lovely stuff, like building fancy submarines and meeting … Read More »

We want to like Homefront: The Revolution, we really do. It has a genuinely interesting premise, and it’s packed full of atmosphere with an aesthetic all its own. There are neat touches throughout and developer Dambuster Studios have tried hard to make us consider how freedom fighter and terrorist are separated only by your point of view. Homefront: The Revolution exists in an alternate timeline in which North Korea has been the world’s technological pioneer since the ‘70s, going so far as to become the sole supplier to the US for weapons and military vehicles. The North Koreans, though, built a … Read More »

We love our strategy and turn-based games here at Xbox One UK, and we were excited to get out hands on Battle Worlds: Kronos and give it whirl. Battle Worlds is a turn-based strategy game that stays true to its old-school hex-grid roots. For all that’s its setting is future war, with the sci-fi trappings that entails, this is resolutely a classic strategy title, requiring a modicum of tactical nous and an intimate understanding of you units’ strengths and weaknesses if you are to prevail. As the commander of a mechanized army you are the digital equivalent of the general on the … Read More »

It’s has been a while since the last set of tables for Pinball FX2 were released, but Zen Studios are back with a triple-stack of brutal tables. All three are inspired by the Alien franchise, taking a number of key properties from over the years from this iconic horror franchise. The first map is from Aliens which really captures the spirit of the James Cameron-helmed sequel well, even including authentic audio from the movie. The table not only looks sleek, but it has numerous film references throughout, includes a real story mission sequence. Table two brings together two heavyweights of Sci-Fi horror with an … Read More »

We’ve all been there. An obnoxious neighbor is having a huge, thumping party late into the night. It’s keeping you up and you’re enraged, possibly calling the cops on them in the slight hope it makes them stop and allows you to get some sleep. (Oh, by the way: if that’s never happened to you, then you are the obnoxious neighbour.) In Party Hard you take on the role of that guy. The guy who has had too much of a loud party going on next door. The guy who decides to do the only sane thing – kill everyone in attendance. At this … Read More »

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered follows the adventures of a small grim reaper, the titular Grimm, as he sets out to get some pizza. A laudable task to be sure, but in games nothing is ever simple; to claim his cheesy prize, Grimm has to fight his way past scores of monsters, difficult challenges, and imposing bosses that stand between him and delicious victory. To fight through the hordes of baddies, players must use tiles to spell out words; the longer or more complex the word, the higher its damage will be. The end result is something between an adventure … Read More »

Sports games come in many forms – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure is very definitely at the ridiculous end of that scale – but does that mean it’s no good? In Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, Developed & Published by Game Swing, your role is to dominate the circular court and proceed to pummel your opponents with a dodgeball. When you knock out all your opponents, you win a round, and the first to three round wins will win the match. Unlike most sports games, Stikbold! has a story mode. No, not a career mode. A story mode. … Read More »

New tower defence games – an interesting subgenre of real time strategy – either need to take on the genre behemoth Defense Grid 2, or offer a different take. McDROID takes the latter approach, presenting us with a third person tower defence game that goes big on the art style but displays a few too many niggles to make this a must buy. In McDROID you take on the role of Chibi, a little dog-like robot tasked with protecting your ride, a sentient (and rather annoying) space ship. Chibi is rendered – like everything in the game – in an attractive cel-shaded art style with thick black lines and … Read More »

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