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Today comes the release of the latest trailer for the new Mad Max game   Car stolen and left for dead this really sets you up for what looks to be a hell of a ride. Featuring plenty of gameplay and cutscenes it looks great. Set for release on 4th September in the UK it’s got plenty to look forward to and I expect to see more coming from E3 in a few weeks. As usual why not head over and join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube and Twitch for the latest news, releases and competition

It doesn’t matter who shot first, what matters is who will be shooting again and from the picture that has been released by both EA and DICE it might well be Han Solo who we will be added to the list of characters for the new Star Wars Battlefield alongside Darth Vader and Boba Fett. What we are seeing here is the DL-44 Blaster, Han Solo’s weapon of choice as he is not a Jedi. He used it famously in the bar scene with Greedo. This won’t be the first time we will see Solo in a Battlefront game though … Read More »

Due to the success of Resident Evil HD selling over 1 million copies Capcom have announced that they will return to work on the HD version of the 2002 Gamecube hit Resident Evil Zero. Zero begins with a focus on the ill-fated Bravo Team, who ventured into the Arklay Mountains before the events of Resident Evil. You play as both Rebecca Chambers and escaped convict Billy Coen. Memorably, much of the adventure takes place on a runaway train. Apart from the awkward exchanging of plants, they manage to reassure us that they have a team including members of the team from … Read More »

It seems to be becoming a tradition with the Arkham series of games that more pre-order skins and characters become available as time goes on and Arkham Knight seems to be following suit with their latest releases The two skins coming from Rocksteady’s new “Gotham’s Future Skin Pack” are Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond outfit and Bruce Wayne’s Dark Knight Returns outfit. The DKR outfit looks like it has fallen straight from the pages of the famous graphic novel but the Batman Beyond suit has been bulked up to look more like the Arkham Knight’s suit. So far, the skins are … Read More »

We’re getting drip-fed information for the new Need For Speed game, but that’s okay as it looks BEAUTIFUL as you can see from the screenshots below. It is starting to look more like we could be having a return of the Underground games of old, a genre that gaming has been lacking for a while but we will have to wait for E3 for the full information. For the trailer follow this link. As usual why not head over and join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube and Twitch for the latest news, releases and competitions.

When a new game in a series is released it’s good to see that some companies keep going with updates and material. DICE is one of those companies and on Tuesday we can look forward to our next update for Battlefield 4 and with it comes a stack of new weapons and a new game mode. The weapons that we are getting are: New fan favorite Assault Rifle Picked based on its unique burst gameplay and massive fan desirability New Carbine A unique bullpup carbine with built-in vertical grip New PDW A unique PDW with built-in silencer New Sidearm Unique … Read More »

If you were to trawl through the Xbox forums you might come across this. It just looks like patch notes from the outside but look closer and your eyes get drawn to *BIG* followed by the words E3. That’s enough to get my attention at least. Upon closer inspection all we get is “If this month feels a little light, don’t worry – we are working on some planned *BIG* E3 announcements.” Keeping their cards close to their chest is always the name of the game heading into E3 but hopefully we will get something to justify those asterix’s and capital letters … Read More »

Today we got a new trailer for the latest addition to the Arkhamverse. There has been many video’s leading up to this one and we can only imagine that there will be more to come with the lead up to 23rd June.   This video comes with more of a YOU can be Batman theme, taking more of a psychological turn on how people usually shy away from issues but instead saying to face things instead. Also … It has a great soundtrack coming from Nine Inch Nails as Trent Reznor (Lead Singer) leads as Music Consultant for the trailer … Read More »

This is exciting news! Mass Effect paved the way when it came to sci-fi for me, It opened up new worlds and new idea’s and for me two of the most significant things that came from it wasn’t the ability to live alongside aliens or even faster than light travel using mass effect fields, it was the Omni-Tool and Garrus Eyepiece. For those of you not familiar with the game I will post pictures but seriously, go out and buy it and cancel any plans you had for the next few weeks. The Omni-tool was a communication / hacking / … Read More »

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