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A husband and father with a love for gaming and gaming industry. Got my Bachelors degree in Game Design and Simulation and play anything I can get my hands on but currently addicted to Destiny. Whatever else you heard about me, don't believe it... unless it's good. Gamertag: aCerealMurderer

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Console wars are thing among fans of games.  I don't really see a point because I believe it should be play what makes you happy for whatever reason.  Hardware developers strive to be the best selling console manufacturers on the market but don't ten to let things like mud slinging get into the mix.  Microsoft however seems to be taking a more direct and vocal approach to take down Sony's console sales lead. Over the last month, Microsoft and Sony have announced and/or launched new consoles with additional features.  Microsoft launched the new Xbox One S and back at E3 ... Read More »
The rebirth of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One has been well received since the console's launch 3 years ago.  Since its launch, Killer Instinct is a force in fighting games and is keeping it going with the new Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition. Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition is described as the ultimate collection for Killer Instinct. This new edition includes every bit of content from the past three seasons – that’s all 26 fighters, all 20 stages, as well as all costumes and accessories.  As an additional bonus, fans can spend hours enjoying all the music, stories, history, and artwork ... Read More »
It has been confirmed by Major Nelson the games selected for Games with Gold for October 2016 are MX vs. ATV: Reflex, I Am Alive, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, and The Escapists On the Xbox 360, and of course playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility, you can download MX vs. ATV: Reflex from October 1st through to the 15th, with I Am Alive taking over on October 16th until the end of the month. On the Xbox One, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings will be available throughout the whole month, while The Escapists will be available from ... Read More »
So with Destiny: Rise of Iron coming in tomorrow, Bungie is putting the last minute touches guardians will need to take on the upcoming SIVA threat.  There will be two patches today in prep of the new content with out now and to follow later.  Patch notes are below for both hotfixes: - The one before Rise of Iron. General Fixed an issue where gear was not showing up properly in Kiosks Fixed an issue where audio could cut out during long sessions Added localization updates for Rise of Iron content Quests Fixed an issue with quest ... Read More »
If you've been a gamer long enough, we've all had that dream.  Sitting and playing your favorite game and getting paid to do it.  Who wouldn't want to get paid a great wage for doing what they love?  I've grown up under the mindset of "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."  If you get a job doing something you love - it'll never feel like work.  We can't all be so lucky but gamers all over the world have had their eyes opened wide thanks to the growing popularity of eSports.  Thanks ... Read More »
With a recent update to Xbox One consoles, Preview Programme participants are now able to create Clubs for like minded gamers, and have an easier way of meeting people and teaming up for a better co-op experience.  That experience is now available on the Xbox Beta app for Android phones and Windows 10.  Larry Hryb, Xbox's Major Nelson, put the news out on Twitter a few hours ago https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/776972633803886593 Another Twitter user followed up with the obvious question "what about IOS?".  Major Nelson was so kind to follow up with that answer as well: https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/776973155889885184 We have really enjoyed clubs and we have ... Read More »
Have you ever wanted to check your tweets and live feeds from your Twitter on Xbox One?  Well now you can.  Twitter is available now on Xbox One under the Apps section. The more interesting news however is that many have been quick to bash the app due to its lack of features. At the time of writing, the app has been rated as a 1.4 out of 5 score with 78 reviews.  Streaming live sporting events have been missing as well as a search function.  Hopefully Microsoft can improve on the Twitter app to make it more like the ... Read More »
Back in 1980, Namco created a loveable character named Pac-Man who, over the last 36 years, has become a staple in gaming history.  With such a simple concept, Pac-Man has stood the test of time as a game that is easily accessible by all, no matter the age or skill level. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is an edgy but true to form take on the classic that adds its own addictive spin. The traditional rules of eating small pellets and not touching the roaming ghosts are long gone.  Here, this intense Pac-Man adventure involves eating pellets to fill your energy bar - store ... Read More »
As anyone who has played Destiny in the last couple years, the urge to go back and play raids such as Crota's End and Vault of Glass has been increasing with time.  Once Rise of Iron comes out though, King's Fall will also be on that list of "old" raids.  What if we could go back to them and they actually had a reason to complete them again?  Well, Bungie's Destiny: Rise of Iron lead Christopher Barrett has finally been vocal about the old experiences guardians have been missing. Barrett has stated that the topic of old raids returning is ... Read More »

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