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A husband and father with a love for gaming and gaming industry. Got my Bachelors degree in Game Design and Simulation and play anything I can get my hands on but currently addicted to Destiny. Whatever else you heard about me, don't believe it... unless it's good. Gamertag: aCerealMurderer

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Blizzard has now revealed their newest character for Overwatch and it is the much rumored Ana.  Ana is noted as a long range sniper and support healing character.  Ana, who is Pharah’s mother, can heal allies from afar and put enemies to sleep.  We will update as soon as new information becomes available. Check out some gameplay footage below: Looks like I finally have to get into Overwatch.  I love to play support roles and snipe.  Are you excited to play as Ana?  How are you enjoying Overwatch?  Let us know in the comment section below! Source: Kotaku, Blizzard Make … Read More »

With the popularity of Call of Duty, zombies, and Call of Duty Zombies which combined the two – it just makes sense to make a comic book.  That’s exactly what Activision and Treyarch have done and will unveil it at Comic-Con 2016.  Comic-Con takes place in San Diego, CA from July 21 – July 24, 2016 and is considered one of the pinnacles in the form of comic and game conventions. The announcement will be held live on Thursday, July 21 at 5PM PDT in Room 23ABC at the Dark Horse Level Up panel. On July 21 at 12PM PT, Treyarch’s Jason Blundell and … Read More »

Well, now that I got your attention, Microsoft and Hulu have partnered up to give Xbox users 2 free months of Hulu.  Xbox users can download the Hulu app and then go to the link here.  Click the “Sign up for a free 2-month trial” link and then input the device activation code that is given from the Xbox Hulu app.  Hope you all enjoy the free entertainment as much as I am. What shows are you going to be binge watching?  Let’s talk about our favorite shows in the comment section down below! This is a US-only offer, though. … Read More »

Evolve developer, Turtle Rock Studios, has announced that the title would become free to play on Steam.  A lot of hype was up around the action shooter because of its unique 1 vs. 4, monster vs. human concept.  What made Turtle Rock Studios want to drastically alter their marketing concept? According to Steam reports, the average player base was less than 200 players per day.  The game’s player base just seemed to disappear.  Upon becoming a free to play title on Steam, the player base shot up over 15,000%!  Steam users were quick to reap the benefit of a free AAA title … Read More »

Earlier this week Xbox One owners were treated with a blast from the past when Red Dead Redemption became a backwards compatible title.  This blockbuster released in 2010 by Rockstar Games gave everyone the experience of a Gran Theft Auto style game in a new wild wild west environment.  One thing Red Dead Redemption owners are able to take advantage of now is the better hardware of the Xbox One compared to the older Xbox 360 it was originally launched on. It appears from many reports that the games programmed 30 frames per second (fps) is much more easily maintained … Read More »

At E3 2016, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One S and hyped the console’s redesigned form and new features – but did they kill that hype just two and a half hours later? Microsoft shook the gaming industry by revealing the Xbox One S (which was leaked the day prior) at the beginning of their show, but then showed the world their future vision with Project Scorpio.  The show concluded with a muddy message from Microsoft – a slimmer redesigned Xbox One available towards the end of 2016, and a highly enhanced, far more powerful Xbox One set to appear just twelve months later. The question … Read More »

Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere was mentioned in the Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary update and Microsoft was quick to change the wording of what the program involved. The original statement in the message stated “every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere.”  Shortly after the wording was changed to read “every new title published from Microsoft Studios that we showed onstage at E3 this year will support Xbox Play Anywhere.”  Microsoft didn’t put out any reason why they changed this statement until now when head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, tweeted a response to PCGamer and it read: @pcgamer Just … Read More »

Io Interactive has released a companion app for Hitman that is available for IOS and Android that will help you keep up to date on all Hitman live events.  Download it today and keep up to date with the events in Hitman. Those looking to complete Hitman’s sixth elusive target mission may end up seeing double.  Hitman’s elusive target missions are where you are tasked with a single objective and if you fail, you may never attempt it again.  The next Target is Dylan Narvaez in Sapienza, but that would be too easy according to Io Interactive.  So what’s the … Read More »

Microsoft is giving all you anime fans out there reasons to celebrate.  Right now Microsoft is having a huge sale on select anime titles.  Shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, just to name a few, have free episodes as well as free whole seasons.  These shows can be enjoyed on both your PC as well as Xbox console through the store.  There is a section called Anime Month.  There you will see a ton of shows on sale for a select period of time. Reddit user rockstarleopard created a list of all the free seasons and … Read More »

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