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  Black Friday is big news – especially in America and according to a new report, the Xbox One was a very popular purchase. In this new report by published by Adobe, Microsoft’s console was in the top 5 best selling electronic products bought online behind iPads, Samsung 4K TVs, Macbook Air and LG TVs. The report doesn’t mention Sony’s PS4 but it only mentioned the top 5 selling electronic products  and only accounted for online sales too. The report is based on aggregated and anonymous data from 22.6 billion visits to retail sites. and Adobe claims to measure 80 percent of all online … Read More »

It seems that the days of Season Passes and paid for DLC packs could well be coming to an end – at least with Ubisoft and their games in the foreseeable future.  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has seen a consistent stream of free DLC since its release and Ubisoft recently announced that the game would receive another year of free content. Speaking to, Anne Blondel-Jouin who is Ubisoft’s VP of live operations had some bery interesting things to say about their experience with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The key is if it’s not adding something on-top of the actual experience of … Read More »

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the 3rd person shooter action role-playing game developed by Bioware, and successor to the last console generation Mass Effect trilogy is currently scheduled to release in Q1 next year. As that date draws near, Publishers EA have revealed some details of the pre-order bonuses and a couple of Deluxe editions too.   All Pre-orders: Anyone that pre-orders the game, no matter which edition they choose, will receive the Deep Space Explorer Armour, a multiplayer booster pack containing five 50% XP boosters, and a bonus skin for your six-wheeled buggy, the Nomad. Standard Edition • Just the game unless … Read More »

Titanfall 2 has had a rough few weeks it seems. Despite critical acclaim, the game has been in the news for its poor sales. However Respawn Entertainment appear to be quite upbeat on their recent Blog and also revealed that the first free DLC, called Angel City’s Most Wanted, will drop on November 30th for those that pre-ordered although the rest of us will have to wait until December 3rd to play on the new map. I’ve been fortunate to work on some great games and be a part of some amazing communities during my career but I’ve never seen or … Read More »

Its been a year since Microsoft introduced Backwards Compatibility to the Xbox One. Since its launch in November 2015, this experience has become one of the most popular features and many Xbox fans have been enjoying the opportunity to play Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One. Backwards Compatibility is a huge marketing point over Sony’s PS4 for the Xbox One with nearly 300 titles added and now Microsoft are looking to highlight this capability at the retailers. Certain Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 games are now shipping in Xbox One cases that list both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 where normally … Read More »

Rainbow Six: Seige has recently received the Operation Red Crow DLC along with Patch 5.0 (details of these can be found here) but Ubisoft are already looking ahead to patch 5.2. With that patch, the game will also be getting Bartlett University map as a free bonus multi-player map. Bartlett University has long been requested by fans to be playable in the multi-player and Ubisoft has listened. The Map is currently only accessible in the single-player as a bonus for completing all ten ‘Situations’ and unlocking Article 5. It’s also in the map rotation in the co-op ‘Terrorist Hunt’ gamemode. … Read More »

 ‘Our games line-up this year has had an incredible reception from gamers everywhere’ – Phil Spencer stated at the Xbox Fanfest. The Microsoft hosted ‘Xbox Fanfest’ was a 3 day event that started on Friday November 11th in Mexico City with all the major Xbox executives in attendance. Along with Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg (Head of Marketing) and Larry ‘Major Nelson‘ Hryb also took to the stage during the briefing. At Xbox, our vision is very clear: we put the gamer at the centre of every decision we make. When we think about our service, we think about our games, … Read More »

Its been over 3 weeks now since the largest union for voice actors and stunt performers in Hollywood, SAG-AFTRA, authorized a strike against some game developers and production studios. All work ceased on a variety of in-development games and as a result, a few unannounced projects were revealed – games like Brothers in Arms 4 and Madden NFL 18. Not all projects are affected by the strike though and recently SAG-AFTRA updated their list of unaffected projects. This list includes a large number of yet to be announced projects.   Skylanders 6 and the Call of Duty franchise are the … Read More »

Have you ever been racing in a game and thought how cool it would be to blow your competitors off the track? Well Gas Guzzlers Extreme, a game released over 3 years ago on PC, could be the game for you. If you’re a racing purist, though, you might want to look away now! Jumping straight into the game’s campaign you’ll get to race in a decent vehicle and experience what Gas Guzzlers Extreme is all about – a bit of a mash up of Forza, Mario Kart and 80’s classic Roadblasters! Taking a leaf out of the Forza Horizon book, … Read More »

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