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WorldGaming App Now On Xbox One

A fan of real competitive online gaming and always felt like you wanted to try it out for yourself to see where it could take you? Well worry no more, launched this weekend was the WorldGaming Xbox One app, which allows you to experience just this. With the Xbox One game experience in mind, the WorldGaming Xbox One app was developed from the ground up to offer simple registration, head-to-head challenges, live daily video updates, contests and more. Gamers interested in a new level of competition will find unique gaming strategies, the live WorldGaming StreamTeam, and live eSports events. Currently … Read More »

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Twins Launch Trailers

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is out today, and as we speak I am currently downloading it for playing later when I get back home again after work. As we know, this time the game is a bit special, giving us the choice of TWO different assassins to play as. Ubisoft was nice enough to give both of them their own launch trailer, and from what I can tell, they both look amazing. Set in London during the height of the Industrial Revolution, players will step into the shoes of twin Master Assassins, Jacob and Evie Frye. Fighting to liberate London, Jacob … Read More »

Halo 5: Guardians Out At These Times

Are you, like me, counting down the days until October 27th and the very much anticipated release of Halo 5: Guardians? Getting to put Master Chief against the newcomer Locke is something I am looking forward to. So when will you be able to play this you might wonder? Well, worry no more because I am here to give you the answer. Greenwich Mean Time GMT October 27 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, US EST October 27 12:01 AM Central Standard Time, US CST October 26 11:01 PM Mountain Standard Time, US MST October 26 10:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, US … Read More »

All Preview Members Getting New Dash NXOE Soon

Are you one of those that are in the preview program but still haven’t chosen to upgrade to the new dashboard with the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE)? Or have you maybe just not gotten the chance yet? If you are, Microsoft is now planning on moving all members of the program to the NXOE. You can still however choose to opt out, but doing that will take you out of the preview program totally. With the NXOE, there’s been a bunch of problems reported such as games failing to launch, apps not working properly and so on. There is … Read More »

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend Almost Here

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend is coming to Europe in just a few days time (YAY!) Anyone else excited about it? This ultimate version of BlazBlue contains a 30+ hour visual Novel Story mode that takes in the whole BlazBlue saga to date, making this a perfect pick-up for players new to the series.   Features of the game include: A wealth of single player modes, including Arcade mode, Score Attack, Abyss mode, Unlimited Mars and Highlander Attack. 28 playable characters, including the all-new Celica A. Mercury. All the DLC from the original Chronophantasma, a rebalanced fighting system. Story Mode features new … Read More »

Life is Strange Finale Out Today

Today sees the release of the finale of Life is Strange “Polarized”. With it comes this trailer to get us extra hyped for playing through the final episode.   “Max learns that time is impossible to control as she moves inexorably towards the most agonising decision of her life. Arcadia Bay, meanwhile, is preparing to weather a huge storm as Life is Strange comes to a gripping and gut wrenching conclusion.” Have you played the other episodes? What are your thoughts on the game? Leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter, like our Facebook Page and … Read More »

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Videos Showing The World

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is just a week away. I have my pre-order done and for the moment all I’m waiting for is the game to be released so I can sink my teeth into it and disappear for the weekend. In preparation of this, a few videos showcasing a bit of the scenery has been released, along with true eagle vision of the city of London, where they take the locations shown and switch them between Victorian London and London of today, really showing how accurate they are with some of the landmarks and such. Here’s for your enjoyment.   … Read More »

Run! The Witcher 3’s Taxman Is Coming

Have you been keeping up with your treasury and paid all the right taxes? Or were you one of the people using that fine money exploit involving killing cows in the White Orchard? If you were one of those I suggest you start running. With the expansion Hearts of Stone released earlier this week, CD Projekt Red decided to have some fun and added the hideous and terrible creature called the Taxman. His name is Walthemor Mitty and he will find you and he will fine you. Getting face to face with this truly terrible thing he points out your “undeclared … Read More »

Dead Rising and Devil May Cry On Capcoms List

After skimming through Capcoms integrated report for 2015, yes I did actually scroll my way all down to the bottom, we find out that Capcom looks to be planning follow-ups on the popular Devil May Cry, Resident Evil and Dead Rising series. Sure, Resident Evil was kind of known they were continuing, but now we can see that they also have plans for the other two, as well as a few others. The latest Devil May Cry wasn’t that big of a hit in my humble opinion, but that’s just me. Some of you liked it, some of you didn’t. … Read More »

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