Black Friday Sales

It’s that time again!

The famous Black Friday Sales! are nearly upon us!

It’s an American tradition, but going further back to the 1950s, the first use of the term Black Friday originates on the day after thanksgiving in Philadelphia where shoppers and tourists coming in for the big football game, crowds would cause chaos.  Although it has a darker history related to the stock markets and the wall street crash, lets not get too depressed on the details.

Since then it has evolved into a commercial shopping day, where bumper savings, reduced prices across many goods and hungry eyed shoppers excitedly spend loads of money!

The first offering of bonanza sales in the run upto the festive period has gamers far and wide ready to pounce on good deals for games, special editions, consoles, accessories, controllers and more!

So, it’s probably best to shop around and get the best deals and get as much value as you can for your hard earned cash, while keeping in mind Christmas is just around the corner, this could be a great day to save money for Christmas gifts as well as gifts for yourself!    Why not!

We of course are super excited too and found some pre Black Friday deals suggestions that may be pretty decent and come in handy, of course these prices are subject to change and prices may get cheaper or higher, and dependent on stock and availability in your area.

But here’s a few things that caught our eye:

Xbox One S 1TB, with Dual controllers for £159 – Tesco

Forza Horizon 4 £26.99 – Currys

Sea of Thieves £19.99 – Smyths Toys

Destiny 2 with Forsaken DLC – £22.99 Game

Need for Speed Payback £16.99 – Argos

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 £29.95 – John Lewis

We know the main lookout will be for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is holding about £50 in most stores and online, so keep an eye out for that one!

If you pick up any of the above deals, share some of your love here for #TeamXBOUK

There are simply loads of deals out there and they are being updated by the minute the closer we get to Black Friday (this Friday just incase you missed it).  Some sales like The Game Black Friday sales, are starting 6pm tomorrow evening and most other retailers at midnight.  It all depends on what you are looking for.  Its upto you to research what you need.

The best way to tackle the sales is to be focussed on what you are after and be smart with your money.

Lets us know what you are after and if you already have your deal, let us know!

Shout from the rooftops and share with your gamer brothers and sisters!

Be safe out there and spend sensibly!

As always you can get the latest here on Xboxoneuk

What are you after on the Black Friday sales?  We would love to hear from you!  so please leave your comments below and let us know.

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