Super Volley Blast Is Out Now

What is possibly the happiest sport on the planet? We think that it has to be beach volley ball. What is there not to like, it’s at the beach, there’s sun and fantastic competition. If this is a sport that you would like to try but have an aversion to the outside then Unfinished Pixel could have the game for you. Using a retro art style this is a game that doesn’t only look fun to play, it also looks fun to look at.

There are several different game modes for you to play. You can play alone with AI team mates and opponents or you can play locally with two or four people meaning that it can be fun for the whole family. There is also a tournament mode that can see up to sixteen players playing.

You can play with your own customisable avatar meaning it can be you who you see smashing the ball over the net or you can use one of a whole host of avatars, all of which come with there own personalities. There will also be included a few celebrity avatars that you can use.

You can download Super Volley Blast from the Xbox Store right now for £8.39.

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