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Fishing Sim World is the most realistic fishing sim game to date and this is also its downfall. Just as a disclaimer we here at “Xboxoneuk” are not avid fishing lovers, We made sure that this did not affect the review itself. When a fishing game is released as a full title we always wonder if it can hold its own and not feel like half a game. Like us and most people that play games fishing is usually a side option, you fish for food or money and it’s as basic as casting your line and bait into the water, waiting for your controller to rumble and then tapping a button to reel in the fish. So how the hell do you flesh that out into a full game?

Well, we can honestly say that Dove Tail Games have created the best fishing game to date. If you love fishing but don’t want to actually go fishing then this game could be the game for you. The attention to detail is honestly quite astonishing, to give credit where credit is due the different types of rods you have at your disposal is very detailed. You have to use specific baits with certain rods in the correct area of water to catch a certain fish. Before you are set free to catch some fish the first screen you are greeted with is your very own character creation. This is by far the most basic character creation we have ever seen in a game, you pick from few pre-set faces and hairstyles most of the clothing was locked so this made the process even weaker than it already was. Playing devil’s advocate we never actually thought there was even going to be a character creation process, you are playing a game that is about fishing, I don’t think people who enjoy these types of games care what the person you are playing as looks like.

Once you have created your character, the game is open for you to do as you wish and with a few modes on offer the game is not short on content. The first thing that we looked into was the tutorials, as at this point we had no idea what we were doing. The tutorials are pretty bad, to say the least. It always felt as if we started the video halfway through. There is also no interaction within the tutorials you just sit and watch for a couple of minutes then you have to remember what was said and what buttons you need to press. At this point, we realised this is not a game for beginners or even casual fishing enthusiasts.

What we are trying to put across is that if you enjoy fishing in your spare time and have played similar games then this will be the pinnacle of fishing games but if you are showing a slight interest or you figure you will give it a try with no previous experience of fishing at all, then this will be a tough game for you to play let alone adapt to. This isn’t to say that either party won’t have fun playing we played multiplayer and had a lot of fun granted the first half an hour was spent boat racing and pretending to whip each other with the rod but once we started to catch some fish and a competition between us, who could catch the bigger fish it became very fun. Speaking of catching fish which is the main point of the entire game, the worst part for us was the fact there was no satisfying feeling of pride. Even the game didn’t really care when we caught our first fish.

Without creating the fun yourself the game takes itself far too seriously. We understand that “Sim” games are meant to replicate the real thing but when it comes to something as mediocre as fishing the fun element falls short. You are not able to become a train driver a Farmer or even a pilot without years of training and that’s exactly why people enjoy playing those games, but picking up a rod and popping down to the lake is something you could very easily do on a daily basis.



Fishing Sim World can be purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft Store, priced at £29.99


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