8-Bit Armies – Xbox Review

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia with some nostalgia sprinkled on top for good measure. From the tutorial mission, there was something familiar in the back of our minds something wonderfully warm and fuzzy. We were kids again playing Command and Conquer on our Windows XP Computer, and even though it looks nothing like C&C many of the devs and executives that worked on the original C&C are here so you could say it is a spiritual successor.

8-Bit Armies If you haven’t already guessed is a real-time strategy. The name gives you a clue as to what the game looks and feels like. Since it looks more like Minecraft the performance is smooth like butter even when there is a fair amount of things on the screen there is very little frame drop or lag, load times are cut in half as well which is always a bonus.

The campaign is Fun not too much to complain at really there are 25 single-player missions and just like C&C, you can control both factions these are given the uninspired names off the Guardians and the Renegades. Playing as both factions give little replay value as the missions follow a very similar structure. You can also play each of the levels on three different levels of difficulty. Each mission from first to last can be selected from the main menu, it is as simple of picking it completing doing some extra side stuff for additional points and then being returned back to the main menu. From today’s standpoint, this frustrates us as you are taken out of the “Story” even though it is very loose to then be select the mission afterwards.

Speaking of missions there never felt like there was much substance to them, they were all action-packed and fun but they ended far too quickly, which in some ways is a good thing especially with story mode. With your own Pre-made skirmish these battles can be much longer and its where the game really does shine. The combat follows your basic RTS. You start with a home base you build reactors for power then barracks for infantry. Nothing too complicated you Stock up on materials to other units and upgrades for your base, and when you are ready you attack. When you are fighting it is the most fun we had in the game just to watch these weird blocky looking units smash into one another and destroy cities is both breath-taking and hilarious all at the same time.

Originally released on PC the game has made a very smooth transition to console The controls are very simple and it just works really really well . We were able to switch from thing to thing very fluid and we became fast pros.

As a bonus not that you need more reason to go and play this game, there’s a co-op campaign to boot, this does offer the same experience as the main story, but with the added benefit of playing with a friend which makes any game 10x more fun in our opinion.



8-Bit Armies can be purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft Store, priced at £26.79


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