Game Time

It’s Game time! Yes! But when is game time exactly for you?

Most of us lead very busy lives and sometimes it can be a bit of a juggle to fit everything in.  From attending school, University/College, Working 9-5, nights, weekends, shift work, to looking after the kids, getting them to school and football practice etc.  When you think about it, gaming time can be quite precious, from going on for a small stint in a multiplayer like Destiny or Fortnight to really cranking in the hours for big campaigns like Gears of War, Mass Effect or Red Dead Redemption to name a few.  Or maybe it’s the seasonal effect and horror games are your thing and these are best played at night, or maybe your terrified of the dark and play it by the hours of light when your safe and the monsters can’t escape from the game?  Too far?

There is a large variety of times we will play games, dependent on what we are playing and who with, juggled around with whatever is going on in life and it’s a great escape from many things and a joy to get online with your friends, or hit up a solo campaign, But we have to also manage our time, as most of us have done the “I will just play for an hour” then you look outside and its DAWN!  We all have that T shirt!

We are pretty sure that most gamers game by night, and some by day too, so we are curious to know, when your passion comes out and when you game?

 So we got thinking, yep you guessed it, lets have a poll and hear from you guys and gals about your gaming habits!

Select an option from below and tell us when you get your game on?

  • During the week hardcore extremists?
  • When your friends are online? 
  • Maybe it’s after the kids or the other half goes to bed?  
  • Morning Gamer?
  • Night Gamer?
  • 24/7 Gaming?
  • Weekend Warrior?
  • Casual Sundays Gamer?
  • Other?

As always you can get the latest here on Xboxoneuk

What are you most looking forward to?  We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please leave your comments below and let us know.


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