Strange Brigade – Xbox Review

Strange Brigade is the brand new game from masterminds behind the Sniper Elite series, Rebellion. Instead of blowing Nazi Brains and balls to dust you are tasked with searching the harsh and deadly environment of Egypt. Searching hidden tombs while killing armies of evil monsters brought to life by a sorceress known as Seteki. You take control of 1 of 4 brave explorers, Gracie Braithwaite a strong-minded tough northern girl. Professor Archimedes de Quincy the brains of the outfit, noted archaeologist and Oxford scholar, but still knows his way around a gun or two. Nalangu Rushida a female Maasai warrior from Kenya. Finally Sharpshooting Mans man Frank Fairburne.

Straight away we will say this, we haven’t had this much fun in a Co-op shooter since Left 4 Dead, Bold words I know but hear us out. The game itself is pure fun and isn’t that the whole point of why we purchase games. Apart from the season pass, there is no sign of loot boxes or in-game currency. So from the get-go, the main focus is fun.

Everything starts off strong the look and feel are all on point. Colours are vibrant and sharp, not the best we have ever seen but it does the job very well. Gunplay is responsive and tight and feels very satisfying, for example when you land a headshot or blow up a group of monsters with your dynamite it feels as if you and your team are making Siteki even more pissed off than she already is. That’s not even where your arsenal ends, each character comes with their own individual special attacks and magical amulets, these range from a powerful blast that can hit multiple enemies with its radius, to a spell that can raise the dead to fight for you.

Strange Brigade’s Puzzles is where the Co-op side really becomes fun. It’s also a nice way to break up continues action that could get stale. The puzzles themselves are fun and change depending on how many people you are playing with. On a single player run through the puzzles are incredibly easy and take very little effort and lack the complexity, but with three friends puzzles are more complex and require you to work together.  Exploration is always encouraged as well veering off the beaten path can lead to optional puzzles that give you gold, collectables, special gun cases and of course artefacts.

Strange Brigade’s levels really are a sight to behold. Intimidating and intriguing at the same time. Each area feels and looks lived in. With tents littered around with hidden journals and magazine to collect. Each area is also rife hidden paths to explore and secret rooms to discover, one door is only accessed by finding the six cats dotted around the area, But the thing that we love most about Strange brigade is its presentation.

The Narrator is a massive highlight ripped straight from 1930s movies he sounds the part and made us laugh while doing it. The way each episode starts with a black and white grainy overlay while the Narrator says “What will our heroes encounter this time find out on the next showing of “The Strange Brigade” its sets the tone perfectly and we never got tired off it.


That’s not all folks if the campaign isn’t enough for you there are two other modes that are also fun to play, The token horde mode which is ok, Limited ammo and weapons will have you backed up against a wall relying on your pistol and wits to save you. You do have the means of activating traps and of course, teamwork is your main weapon. Then this Score Attack. This tasks each player to kill with style and speed but this mode desperately need to be played with 4 player otherwise it becomes very boring very fast. 

The reason we are giving Strange Brigade so much praise is that it made us remember why we love playing games. IT’S FUN!. Rebellion has made a game that makes us feel like a teenager sitting in our room with friends and just laughing. It isn’t going to win awards for anything but that’s ok because its won the hearts are off all gamers.



Strange Brigade can be purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft Store, priced at £39.99


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