Fallout 76 DLC Will Be Free

Earlier this year Bethesda confirmed the release of a brand new Fallout game, Fallout 76 was revealed to be a multiplayer focused game, this itself garnered mixed responses from many people ourselves included. After digging into the facts a bit more it started to look more and more promising. Which brings us to the main reason we are here.

Bethesda has stated that all future DLC will be completely free. Bethesda hopes to fund all of Fallout 76‘s post-release material through the main game’s use of selling cosmetic upgrades. Again this has divided the community. On a plus side when Bethesda wants to make a good DLC they will think back to Fallout 3 DLC all amazing and lengthy. On the downside, some of the Fallout 4 DLC was questionable and not worth time or money.

Pete Hines has also stated that he wants Fallout 76 to quote “last forever” but with loot boxes still being such a controversial topic at the moment will Bethesda keep their word about free DLC.


Do you think Fallout 76 can survive on Microtransactions alone? let us know it the comments below.  


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