New Twitch App Available for Xbox Insiders

One of the key features of the Xbox One console is the ability to directly stream gameplay straight to broadcast for everyone to watch with apps like Mixer, Microsoft’s own streaming service that’s now directly integrated into the UI, and popular streaming servicing Twitch. Unfortunately, the current Twitch app for the Xbox console has been known to have numerous bugs and performance issues, but this looks to be changing for Xbox users soon.

It has been announced that Xbox Insiders will now have access to a brand new Twitch app as it tests new features which put the app more in line with the version currently available on the PlayStation 4.

As well as focusing on improvements to stability, the app will also allow viewers to preview live broadcasts as they browse (a feature present in the Mixer app) and offer better support for older videos where we’ll now be able to view offline chats. This comes after an announcement by a Microsoft employee was made on Xbox Wire.

If you want to get access to the beta, all you need to do is make your way to the Xbox Insider Hub, head over to the Insider Content section, and, under Apps, select Twitch Beta and Join. After your request is finished processing, you’ll be good to go.

Remember: you need to be an Xbox Insider to be able to register for the Beta, however it is unclear what tier of Insiders it will be available to.

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