Treadnauts – Xbox Review

Treadnauts has been a difficult game for us to review, We all tried really hard to love the game but there were too many minor annoyances that kept adding up. Lets first start with the positives.

From the Get-go the look of the game is very eye-catching its bright, colourful and looks like as if it was pulled straight from a Saturday morning cartoon, The Tanks themselves look cute and innocent as they chug along around the arena, this facade is completely shattered when you get them in a fight together. You can crush other tanks blow them up and leave them in pieces on the battlefield. Playing with three friends on your sofa is the best way to play. It’s Insane, off the wall, intense action-packed fun that will have you and buddy reliving the old days of going around each other houses and playing some good old split screen fun. Think TimeSplitters or Halo.

Now with a heavy heart, we have to tell you that is where the fun ended for us. Playing solo on this game is a big No-No. Don’t get us wrong it’s doable but it is incredibly boring. Apart from the before mentioned multiplayer there is only one other mode to play. This mode is a Target Test mode. That is brutal with is its difficulty, There is no room for mistakes if you want to achieve the highest medal here and if you don’t earn medals, Target Test offers very little incentive to continue. Medal-earning mini-games if done right can be fun and really quite addictive, take the Arkaham Series for example. Treadnauts, unfortunately, doesn’t have the addictive gameplay it requires to get people to stay and play this mode.

Now there is a quick and when we say quick we mean thirty-second tutorial which is helpful for getting to grips with the basics. You move with the analog stick, jump with one button, and fire with the RB button. The way your tank jumps is kind of unpredictable if you hold down the jump you will flip, and if you follow-up with a shot you can launch your little tank into the air.

Treadnauts is such a charming and fun game for about 2 hours. When the realisation sets in that when your friends leave, you have a boring game taking up space on your hard drive. With such a  focus on local multiplayer, they have lost so much potential that when and if they add online multiplayer the only people to remain will be the hardcore fans.



Treadnauts can be purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft Store, priced at £7.99


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