EA Madden Incident

As many of you have most likely read in recent days there was an incident at the Annual EA Madden tournament qualifier in Jacksonville, USA, where lives were lost and some fellow gamers injured.

Gaming over the years has become bigger and more competitive with companies and clubs forming globally, to already established companies having staff teams, all participating at tournaments.  Worldwide tournaments brings us all together to do what we love most, gaming, meeting, making new friends, and generally having a good time. Noone for a second should have to be thinking about if they are safe from such violence at such a large event or any organised event for that matter.

Last year an incident at a Call Of Duty Tournament led to the arena having to be evacuated twice due to threats and at the Evolution Championships in Las Vegas a mass shooting was threatened online.

This has certainly sparked calls from gamers, parents and the authorities to implement the same style security that you would get if you want to a concert or any other large event.  Over the years the incidents have been mounting and the lapse of security measures has sadly allowed for the inevitable to happen.  We certainly hope that security will now be highlighted at all futures events, expos and roadshows.

Some of us are casual gamers, some more serious than others but at the end of the day it is still a game. Rage quite if you must, but no one should resort to physical harm towards others, period.


Before you next pick up the controller to continue playing your console, take a minute out for those that the gaming world has lost needlessly at this tragic event, as a mark of respect for our fallen gamers.


Our thoughts go out to all of the families and their loved ones.


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