Hunt: Showdown Coming Soon to Xbox Game Preview

Hunt: Showdown is a competitive first-person game that combines your typical match-based shooters but sprinkles in some survival game elements which ultimately creates quite a unique gaming experience. Every match has up to 10 players ( solo or teams ) against each other as they fight for the bounty of whatever evil that is living in the area. Once the monster has been killed and the bounty has been collected you and your team have to get to an exit. This is when every other person on the map is tasked with killing you and collecting the bounty.

Crytek has made a statement regarding Xbox Game Preview ” The next step in the Hunt journey is bringing the game to Xbox One. We want Hunt development to be community-driven, and an Xbox Game Preview release allows us to base further development on player feedback as we test and refine new features, equipment, settings, and cast. The dialogue between Hunt players and Hunt developers is crucial to creating a fun experience, and we look forward to hearing what Xbox players have to say about the game.”

The game currently holds a 7/10 on steam and the fan base is very strong. So keep your eye out on this one.


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