Megaton Rainfall – Xbox One Review

Megaton rainfall has an idea to be a very fun game, but, just doesn’t get it quite. Megaton rainfall is a first-person game, you take control of a superbeing and are tasked to save earth from a deadly alien invasion. There is no doubt whatsoever that this game on a technological standpoint is very impressive, the fact that you can travel from Earth to the sun in a matter of seconds with no load times is absolutely amazing.  What makes this even more impressive is that Pentadimensional games an independent developer based in Madrid Spain Is made up of a one person.

The game starts with you travelling down an interdimensional wormhole listening to the voice of a sort of parental figure, claiming that you are his offspring. After some corny dialogue the game opens up and you are free to traverse the universe.  You are told early on that the aliens are unable to damage you, Instead, your health is measured by the human race. meaning that if the aliens kill too many humans, the game is over.  Destruction plays a large role in megaton rainfall. If you miss with your projectiles and trust me you will miss when you first start playing, There is a huge chance that humans will die. The aliens play to this advantage and the further you get into the game the more unpredictable their movements become.  This at first is a quite interesting tactic but after a while, it just becomes frustrating and awkward with certain enemies changing their weak spot location.

You can power up your superhero These are given to you by collecting Xenosphere, these range from supersonic flight, which is your basic flying ability, to a city-destroying Gigaton blast. It would’ve been nice to see some sort of skill, tree, where you are able to pick your own powers but being only 9 missions long we understand why there isn’t.  Once the game ends there are 2 other modes. You are free to play, which is a time trial mode. Send a free mode, where you’re able to explore. Can do whatever you want.



Megaton Rainfall can be and downloaded from the Xbox Store, For £13.24.


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