Mothergunship is probably the most unique first-person shooters we have played in a long time but also the most boring. It is a roguelike shooter that allows you to create insane guns and when we say insane we mean 10 Gatling guns in one hand and 10 rocket launchers in the other. The premise of the game itself is moving from room to room killing robots and sometimes culminating in a huge boss battle.

Touched upon earlier you have a right and left arm to equip whatever weapon your brain can create, think Lego but with high powered weapons. Depending on the mission, you are able to bring a set of items to start with such as one machine gun and connector to add more guns later on in the mission. Certain mission types will also give you a pre-set of items to use.

Items come in three variants: connectors, as explained before these will let you attach many different guns on the same arm so the bigger the connector the more guns you can hold. Barrels are the guns, these all come various shapes and sizes and shoot differently, anything from railguns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, laser cannons, Machine guns pretty much any weapons you can think off this game more than likely has it. Finally Caps, These are attachments that act as modifiers; some will increase damage and some will make shots ricochet, like connectors the more you attach the more badass your weapons become.

Staying with guns and parts, everything you collect is added to your bank or armoury These can be used into future levels, This is very good that you are able to store all of your items sift through them at your own leisure but for some strange reason, there is a cap of 100 total items. This became frustrating once that cap was hit, so after every mission, we would take about 10 minutes going through our armoury to get rid of things we didn’t need, turning a fast-paced shooter into a boring storage management sim.

Certain bad guys will drop coins and these coins are used in the shops where you are free to purchase different items and loot, but missions are pretty short in length so this completely stops you from making some insane size guns. We would be collecting and saving our coins only to be hit with the end of the level which put a complete downer on out playthrough.

Missions are hit and miss, areas within each mission areas are randomly selected as are the enemies, you may encounter the same room over different levels but the enemies may be different. This was more annoying than it was random. It felt lazy and boring, most of the missions end with you pressing a self-destruct button, so playing through the same areas but with slightly different enemies over and over again just felt like a complete cop out.

The Story is average at best and the voice acting is ok but if you were to purchase this for a story-driven adventure you will be incredibly disappointed this is through and through a fast-paced arcade shooter, think back to Quake and Unreal Tournament, if you like those times of games you will feel right at home here.

In its current state, we had the most of the fun in endless mode this is where the gun combos get insane. Maybe a few months down the line we will come back to this game as a fair few updates are planned one of them includes 2-player co-op. It’s a fun game but a few frustrating decisions have turned us away from a solid and unique idea. Maybe a few months down the line we can return.


MOTHERGUNSHIP can be and downloaded from the Xbox Store, For £19.99.

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Guns, More Guns... On Top Of Guns
  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


MOTHERGUNSHIP right now is limited in play, we only really enjoyed one game mode may be given some love and time this could be a game we could go back to over and over again.

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