First Look at Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Revealed

After many months of anticipation and mystery surrounding Rockstar Games‘ long-awaited western extravaganza, we now finally have our first proper look at gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 in a 6 minute long gameplay trailer released today outlining the depth of the game’s open world.

From the look of this trailer, Rockstar have truly outdone themselves this time; we have to tip our hats to them. This is potentially their most ambitious game yet, and here is what we learned from the trailer.

You (Only) Play as Arthur Morgan

We’ll start with the obvious observation: the game will see you take control of Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang original protagonist John Marston was a part of. While we’ve known this information for some time, speculation and popular theory was that Red Dead Redemption 2 would follow in the footsteps of Grad Theft Auto V and have the player control multiple characters.

However, it appears that the only boots we’ll be stepping into will be those of Mr Morgan if the trailer is to be believed. Although it would have been interesting to have another interweaving narrative involving multiple members of the gang, a more focused, character-driven plot is arguably what makes for a great western.

Welcome to the Frontier

Part of what makes Rockstar’s games what they are is down to how they’re able to capture the spirit of a specific era from the parodic representations of modern culture throughout the Grand Theft Auto series to the grittier reflections on American ideology in Red Dead Redemption. Like its predecessor Red Dead 2 aims to recreate American history at a pivotal point in its development.

At the turning point between lawlessness and civilisation, the world we’ll get to explore will reflect the state of the world and give players a wide variety of terrain to explore from sweeping deserts, murky swamps, dense forests, dusty settlements, and bustling cities with each area populated by its own cast of unique characters – and we can’t wait to explore every inch of it.

Wildlife, too, is set to be smarter and more lively with a completely overhauled hunting system that will require us to track down wounded animals.

Hang with the Gang

When you’re not exploring the gorgeous scenery, why not kick back with the rest of your gang back at base? Acting more than just a central hub to chat to other members, the base will be its own living ecosystem of itself. Hunting and collecting food will increase moral, talking with members will unveil new secrets and character development, and you’ll even have the opportunity to embark on some side quests members, too, so it might be worth taking a break from robbing trains to visit home every now and then.

Say Howdy

Being a Rockstar game, you are more than welcome to deal with situations with brute force and bullets, but now players will have the opportunity to approach situations in a different way: using words instead. Whether you want to pick a fight, smooth talk your way out of a sticky situation, bully a bystander into keeping quiet, or just say ‘howdy’, this added dimension of interactivity is sure to make for far more immersive and unique gameplay moments.

Realistic Fighting and Gun Play

Within Rockstar’s recent games, it’s fair to say that their fighting mechanics have been simplistic to say the least – especially in comparison to what else each game has achieved. Not since their adaptation of The Warriors have they really gotten their hands dirty creating an in-depth fighting system – until now, that is.

Red Dead 2 promises to have a rejuvenated fighting system touted at making each hand-to-hand engagement wholly immersive and fluid. It’s not just the fighting that’s gotten an upgrade. The gun play too is said to have been overhauled with each individual weapon having its own realistic reloading and recoil features.

Who’s a Good Horse?

One of our favourite parts of the original Red Dead was spending hours just riding across the landscape on our trusty steed. The developers have clearly heard how much we loved our hooved friends as the connection we’ll have with our horse will have a huge impact on the gameplay depending on how you treat them – that’ll teach you for leaving them hitched outside that saloon for a week.

Not only will a stronger bond mean the horse will perform better, but we’ll now be able to store equipment in saddlebags and use different breeds of horses to accomplish certain tasks, so perhaps the idea of having more than one horse isn’t out of the question.

There’s More to Come

We got a lot of delicious information fed to us in such a short gameplay trailer, but Rockstar aren’t done yet. This was only part one in a series of gameplay videos showcasing what the game has to offer. The next instalment will feature missions, side activities, enemy gangs, robberies, and a look at the new ‘Dead Eye’ system.

Are you looing forward to picking this game up? Check out the gameplay trailer in 4K below.

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