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Have you ever had a conversation with someone you think you know really well and they say something that catches you off guard to where you think “I never thought they would say that?”  Created by Snap Finger Click, Awkward brings these topic set pieces to the forefront by giving players a spotlight for thought and opinion.  With over 5,000 questions and decisions to be judged on, there is plenty to ponder as well many ways for you to put yourself on display, or sometimes on blast, for a thought you may think you share with the majority to quickly find you are the small minority.

Centered around being a game show style game, Awkward gives you many ways to play through single player curiosity, as well as co-op modes to share thoughts.  Single player will put you through rounds where you will guess one of two responses to a question and you are to select which you feel the majority of people picked.  Most of these questions are pretty innocent and don’t dive into too much personal thought.  Co-op gives many options to better customize your experience as Awkward allows you to tell the game if you are playing with a relative, friend, or a significant other.  Questions are customized based on who you tell the game you are playing with.  In Co-op you player 1 will answer a question without telling player 2 what they chose.  Player 2 will then guess which option player 1 chose and sure enough when they don’t match there will be that awkward stare at each other wondering why one chose a particular option.  I was able to play this game with my 12 year old son as well my wife with questions well tuned to each particular partner which is a great benefit of Awkward.

Games typically run short which is really a benefit.  This allows multiple players to run through, playing a fun Q&A style quiz with someone without letting boredom set in.  That’s not to say Awkward is boring at all.  However it is easy to see that the same 2 people playing together will get old and reaction will diminish over time as the “WOW” factor will decrease.  One thing to consider when playing with your significant other, be prepared to talk about your sex life.

For those looking to play solo and who love to stream,  there is a great embedded feature that allows you to not only stream your playthrough but allows up to 500,000 viewers to also play along.  As someone who doesn’t stream, I found this to be a lot of fun as well as a great way to interact with a crowd and help those who may find that part of streaming to be difficult.  However be ready for some hazing when you make a selection that is shared by so few.

Awkward’s visual presentation is great as well.  There is an old time feel with a lot of 2D puppet comedy that feeds off the whole “this is a game from the 1800’s” feel.  There really isn’t anything to pick apart here as the core focus is of course the game itself.

Awkward does what it intends to do in asking laughable questions where in a group, or even one on one, will make some people roll their eyes and question someones thought process.  At it’s current price it is well worth the laughs and is even worth setting up a day to get the squad together in person for a round or two along with some drinks.  Great work by Snap Finger Click on trying to ruin the world’s relationships.

Awkward is for sale now on the Xbox Store for £9.59

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