Destiny 2 Forsaken Combat Stream Highlights

Bungie held yet another stream to hype up there big DLC release Forsaken coming in September for Destiny 2. With today’s stream being focused on the sandbox and how combat will function in the upcoming release. Here is some highlights from today stream:

  • Some changes will arrive early on 28 August.
  • A key focus for weapon drops in forsaken is that each drop feels exciting and new.
  • Bungie wanted to bring back hero moments by increasing the skill gap.

  • 9 new supers added to Forsaken.  With those supers come new perks as well.
  • The main menu shows weapon icons have specific ammo type needed for that weapon labeled on the image.
  • Each weapon is labeled as either a primary, special, or heavy. Snipers, shotguns, as well as bows are in the kinetic and special slots as well.
  • Damage is adjusted based on whether a weapon is primary, special, or heavy.
  • Ammo model to support the way players want to play.  This helps ensure you can run insane loadouts and still keep ammo stocked.
  • Bungie then showed off random rolls. They showed off multiple better Devil’s Hand cannons that had different perks such as Outlaw, Zen Moment, Hip-fire Grip, Staedy Rounds, Rangefinder, and Explosive Payload.

  • Similar Masterworks system is now replaced with tier weapons.  Weapons are upgraded all the way from Tier 1 up to tier 10. Each upgrade increases things such as range, stability, handling, and reload speed.  Once you reach tier 10, the weapon is becomes Masterwork and you unlock a final mod slot that allows you to increase damaged, magazine size, boss damage, and many more.  Big congrats to Bungie on this improvement.
  • To better improve lethality of weapons in The Crucible, Precision damage will be increased by a large portion.
  • 2 melee hits to kill a guardian is back.
  • Titan rushing melees such as shoulder charge and shield bash are back to 1 hit kills.
  • Nightstalker Shadowshot isn’t working as well as Bungie wanted.  Will now tether a lot quicker to be more useful in Crucible
  • Stormcaller will be more lethal.
  • Golden Gun gets a longer duration of 2 more seconds.
  • Time to kill is drastically decreased in Forsaken as shown on stream.

  • Enemy Guardians will drop their special ammo in matches.
  • If you run 2 special weapons in Crucible, you spawn with 1 set of ammo for each weapon but if you only run 1 you will get 2 for that 1 weapon.
  • Grenades have been buffed as well without making them being 1 shot kill.

This fills the void of a lot of players have wanted.  Myself for example is very happy to see the massive decrease to time to kill.  We will have to see what the overall feel with these changes will be when Forsaken launches on 4 September 2018.

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Robert Rodkey

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