Tyler: Model 005 Is Coming Soon

Tyler: Model 005 is a 3D platform game that is set in the 1950’s and looks to have some very interesting ideas in it. Tyler is a tiny robot that was lovingly created in the 1950’s and was then powered down, only to come back to life during a thunderstorm.

You must explore your home to find out what happened to you’re creator. With you playing as the smallest of robots the world around you and the everyday objects in it are huge and you must find ways to navigate around this environment. While you are doing this you must solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

You can customise your look with anything ranging from medieval helmets and pixelated classes. you also have an assortment of weapons at your disposal.

The key features of this game include:

  • 3D Action Platforming. Explore Tyler’s 1950’s home that’s been overrun by all kinds of pesky critters.
  • Size Matters. As a tiny robot, ordinary objects are larger than life! Maneuver over giant obstacles to reach new destinations.
  • Quirky Combat. Equip a variety of different weapons to help you get past the horde of vermin that have infested your home. Call on your trusty bolt blade or fiery cherry bombs to abolish the pests!
  • Story-Based Puzzles. Tyler’s creator has run off somewhere, and it’s your job to navigate his big house to discover what’s happened. Solve puzzles and collect items throughout the house to solve the mystery!
  • Bot Customization. Dress Tyler up with articles of clothing and fun accessories to customize his look. Unlock new abilities when you complete an entire accessory set!

Tyler: Model 005 is set to be released onto the Xbox One on August 21st.

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Source: gematsu.com

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