Dead Space 4 What could have been

Dead Space is survival horror game that combined elements of Resident Evil and Space and together they made a beautiful horror game.  The game play was brilliant, especially the zero G environments and puzzles.  The monsters and graphics were very cool as well was the story filled with good depth with twists and turns.

What starts as a routine repair mission for Isaac Clarke, definitely takes a turn for the worst as you delve deeper into the story.   It was definitely something different, which thrived on your fear and nerves.  The sound was very much alive and if played in a dark room, you were definitely sweating buckets of fear around every corner.

Like most horror games, you have to conserve ammo, upgrade your armour and weapons – The weapon upgrades that gave you choices to have more ammo or speed or power was definitely an added and welcomed headache. Mental toughness was definitely required on each play through.

The series reached Dead Space 3 where Isaac our main protagonist battled against the Necromancers with inevitable doom just around the corner.  Without giving anything away as I know we don’t like spoilers the 3rd instalment left us wanting more and the need to know how the saga ends.

Sadly EA pulled the plug on Dead Space after Dead Space 3 which was released in 2013.  Visceral Studios that created Dead Space was closed last year.

The creative director for Dead Space, Ben Wanat,(now creative director at Crystal Dynamics) laid out for Eurogamer (Click here for the full interview) what Dead Space 4 could have been and what it would have played like.

The director advised of amendments to zero gravity combat, the linear playing style and the possibility of a change to the main character.

“The notion was you were trying to survive day-to-day against infested ships, searching for a glimmer of life, scavenging supplies to keep your own little ship going, trying to find survivors.”

The director continued that humanity would have been on it’s last legs against the necromancer onslaught and the main setting of the 4th instalment would have been seemingly derelict ships and the odd space station.

“The flotilla section in Dead Space 3 hinted at what non-linear gameplay could be, and I would have loved to go a lot deeper into that. I figured you’d start in a section of space, maybe following a train of ship carcasses to an orbital station you think might have the parts and fuel needed to get your ship Shock capable.”

A great place for parts and possibly other horrors!

Wanat also mentioned that with the last three games starring Isaac Clarke, this would have been the perfect time to shake things up and have for example Ellie Langford as the lead for Dead Space 4 whom he had always envisioned as the main protagonist.

Now we will never know……

We don’t know about you, but this is just painful to hear what could have been…….

Source: IGN

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