oOo: Ascension Review

Developed by one-person, Kenny Creanor has crafted a game that mixes together elements of traditional platformers and racing games. You are tasked with navigating your way through increasingly challenging worlds starting with the comically easy to the frustratingly hard. oOo‘s challenging nature will make the experienced players jump for joy think Supermeat Boy, but with such small audience of players who revel in difficulty, this game may be for you but for people who like to take their time with games, this game may not be your thing.

Levels take place on an ever-changing 3D ball. Speed and reflexes are your best friend and memorizing levels are crucial.  As levels get harder the number of obstacles increases anything from moving platforms, Laser walls, fireballs and all sorts of things wait for you around every corner. Get ready to die as well, the game is trial and error so being in the right mindset not to get frustrated is key. You do have some tools and your disposal a boost to give you that gives you more speed but use it wisely as you will crash into the first wall you see like we did. Some levels will see you need to boost all the way through. You can also slow the ship down to a crawl to navigate through tight spots.

On all levels if and when you die there will a ghost that will repeat until you either complete the level or die again this is here to help you out. This itself is an awesome thing to see where you are going wrong, but it often got in the way and confused more than it helped.

There is nothing wrong with the game at all, it’s a great little puzzler the graphics are clean and gameplay itself is sharp and responsive it is a very enjoyable game to play, but it doesn’t take long before the repetition starts to take its toll and the frustration of dying over and over again starts to wear thin. One big bad point about the game which to us felt completely out of place is that at the end of the game is the random appearance of a boss battle, The game itself does not have a storyline and doesn’t need to, so for there to be a boss at the end felt a bit random.

oOo: Ascension can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Store, priced at £12.49

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