Microsoft hardware teasers

Breathe in, enhance calm.  Don’t get giddy, stop fidgeting…… Breathe.

So on the 21st of August 2018, Microsoft have announced that they are planning on attending  Gamescom in Cologne, Germany – One of Europe’s biggest gaming trade fairs!

The company are planning to run a live stream 3:30 bst Tuesday 21st August for their new features, news and most excitingly an announcement on NEW HARDWARE and accessories!

It could be safe to say that it will most likely not be the next generation of console as that is planned for around 2020 (checks watch) which is still quite a little bit away, but there are plenty of opportunities to save some money aside for that day, oh wait! E3 has spent all of our money up till then!!!

What could the new hardware announcements be?

Yes we are excited! Yes they are teasing us!  Yes we cannot wait! No we do not know what it is!Well it is most possibly likely and unlikely (does that make sense?)  that there could be a new console tweak to fill in the gap to succeed the Xbox Elite. Microsoft have remained super tight lipped, so super that they no longer have lips!

The Customisable controllers have been quite a hit!  Many of you have shown us over the year your customised controller, showing your colours, personality and style and it has been a joy to see your posts- so thankyou!

There could be an update to this, as rumoured earlier in the year, leaked pictures of the new Xbox elite controller sporting a new USB-C charge port, Bluetooth for Windows 10, longer key travel for pads, 3 level hair trigger locks.  (Pull that chin up and stop drooling soldier!)   There has also been rumours that the D pad could become a game pad, again this could be an Xbox Elite two item and not something that will be announced yet.

After the announcement a lot of buzz was circling about a new console, Microsoft moved quickly and amended the wording to: “new Xbox bundles and accessories”

Water over the fire? Are they wanting to keep the fireworks for then for a larger boom? Who is to know!
All we know is that it is stirring excitement and we hope that it is something cool especially on all of the good things that came from E3.



Source: The Verge


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What are you most looking forward to?  We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please leave your comments below and let us know.

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