PUBG Gets It’s Biggest Update Yet

PUBG has finally got an update for Xbox One that will bring it in line with the experience that PC players have been having for months. This is the biggest update that the game has received on consoles to date and with it comes some much needed changes.

There are some small changes that you will notice straight away and won’t take much to get used to such as recoil pattern adjustments, new types of scopes, new explosion patterns for grenades and adjustable red dot reticles. But there are also some major changes which will probably mean that you will have to change the way that you play somewhat.

The first of these big changes is the major rebalancing of guns. The biggest change is a massive nerf that has been applied to assault rifles. To accompany this nerf the developers have also given a buff to SMG’s. This will mean that now you will see less players running around with an assault rifle and you yourself may find yourself much less likely to drop that SMG when you come across an assault rifle.

Next up is a new gun that is coming to the battlefield. It is a new DMR that is a self loading rifle. It is called the SLR and it is a more powerful version of the SKS. It even uses the same ammo type. There is also a new car for you to try out in the form of the Mirado. It is a muscle car that you will only be able to find in Miramar, it is a fast car that comes with a the lack of stability that you would expect from such a vehicle in the desert.

Finally we have changes been implemented to the kind of drops that you will find in the world. There are some new additions including the light grip, the thumb grip and the half grip. There has also been a big change to the amount of level three helmets that you will find. You will no longer find them just hanging around in a random house, instead they will now only come from supply drops, meaning that they will be a lot rarer than they have been in the past.

Hopefully these changes will do a lot to improve the experience that we get from this game. Have you tried PUBG since the changes have been made? What do you think to the changes? Let us know in the comment section below.

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