Defiance 2050 Is Now Free To Play

A few days ago we told you that you could play Defiance 2050 early if you invested in one of the founder packs. Well now the rest of the world can play for free as the game gets its full free-to-play release.

The game is basically a current gen remake of the Xbox 360 game Defiance that was also linked to the TV show. The developer has given us a blow by blow run down of what we can expet from the game.

  • Seek fame and fortune as an Ark Hunter in a compelling sci-fi narrative.
  • Fight it out through fast-paced third-person shooter combat in a massive open world.
  • Battle alien races alongside hundreds of other players in massive dynamic world events.
  • Craft a perfect Ark Hunter via thousands of unique class, weapon, and upgrade combinations.
  • Test your arsenal against other players in instanced battlegrounds and giant 64×64 open world battles.
  • Join up as a 4-person squad and challenge punishing story driven instances.
  • Race from battle to battle across a devastated Earth using dozens of futuristic vehicles.

There is also a launch trailer that you can enjoy here.

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