The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a short episode made by the creators of Life Is Strange. Set before the upcoming Life Is Strange 2, Captain Spirit is the superhero alter-ego of our lovable main character Chris Eriksen, a young Nine-year-old boy who loves nothing more than being a kid, from reading his comics to playing with his toys. Chris lives with his dad, Charles, a former basketball star whose life has taken a nosedive in recent years and has turned to drink. The pair live alone in a house on the outskirts of small town called Beaver Creek, and straight away you come to the realization that Chris’s mother died some time ago, and without getting into spoiler territory, it mirrors a very familiar situation with one of the characters from Life Is Strange.

Captain Spirit itself starts out as a very light-hearted game, Chris sits at his desk playing with his toys and drawing the ideal superhero costume for Captain Spirit, but as you leave his room it drastically changes and the game doesn’t hold back on showing how his life really is. His dad tells him off for playing in his room whilst clutching a beer. The game takes place across a single Saturday morning.

Most of the objectives in the game are completely optional, but Chris wants to go on adventures as alter ego Captain Spirit. These range from the entirely boring like putting a mouldy takeaway food in the garbage or putting beer cans in the recycling, To the amazing like turning on/defeating the Evil Water Eater (a malfunctioning water heater). He will also need to assemble the parts of his costume to go on bigger adventures, like defeating the Snowmonger (an evil-looking snowman), these parts where you enter Chris’s imagination are wonderful to dive into and you yourself begin to forget about his somewhat troubled real life.

Chris is a brilliant character, he is completely believable. Straight away the game succeeds in showing him as a troubled young boy but with a powerful imagination, And with this Chris is often shown performing his telekinesis powers but on further realisation, it is something else. Opening the garage door with his “mind” to only realise he has the car keys hidden away in his coat. But as you continue through his Saturday morning the are strong hints that there is more than meets the eye with our little hero Chris.

Gameplay is similar to games in the same genre and the mechanics all boil down to completing these objectives with side objectives to keep you busy. You will be exploring the interior and exterior of the Eriksen residence, figuring out how to solve numerous puzzles. Such as accessing your dad’s mobile phone to play a mobile game or figuring out a lockers combination to retrieve your firecrackers. Most of the puzzles are rarely challenging but have a nice sense of logic to them, you are a Nine-year-old boy doing Nine-year-old things

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit remains as a standalone adventure but when the episode comes to an end the words “To be Continued” make you want more. Will Dontnod continue with a separate story or will they work Chris and his life into Life Is Strange 2?

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit can be and downloaded from the Xbox Store, completely Free of charge.

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  • 9/10
    - 9/10


Solid Beautiful Game well written and thought-provoking. Free of Charge for a 3-hour adventure what more can you ask for

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