Next Purchase Part 2

So we had a poll over on the XboxOneUK facebook group page about what your next purchase will be on the back of E3.

First of all thankyou for participating in the polls and for letting us know what your most excited for – have a look below to see how the poll finished:

There are so many great games on the horizon (no pun intended) and its looking like its going to be a colossal year for overtime at work from the looks of it!

The winner of the poll (In Poll Position…….) which was racing ahead (What?) with 167 of the 361 entries was Forza Horizon 4.  It won by quite the distance (sorry we can’t help ourselves) and for good reason!  On the back of the success of Forza Horizon 3 it can only get better and with the next one being based in the UK – we ourselves also cannot wait for it’s release.

With 26 entries into the poll and 361 votes, that’s pretty good going.

Dying Light in second place with 65 votes, Other with 33 votes and Battlefield 5 with 20 votes.  Sadly Jurassic World Evolution got none of the vote.

Thankyou again for participating!

Truly if money was no object we would find ourselves purchasing all of the games in the poll list!  But sadly money is an object, a rather large factor and we all work hard for it, whether it is a paper round, chores around the house, to working as a project manager for a major company.  We all do it and we enjoy spending our hard earned cash on games for our consoles and food (usualy a pizza Mmmmmmm Pizza) occasionally for those loooong nights battling campaigns and hordes of invincible enemies that just want to see your head on a spike.

As most of you know it’s not as simple anymore when it comes to purchasing a new game.  You need to factor in how much you love the series, the characters and the world of game you are focussing to spend your money on.

You could just buy the basics copy which nowadays comes in at around £50 and is a fair bit cash.  Or do you have quite the affinity and want to purchase the next priced tier of the game with some extras (maps, weopens, suits, cars, special characters etc) coming in around £70 or do your heart strings pull on you to go all out, you want everything and you get the VIP/Gold top tier all singing all dancing version – where you can get all of the above and so much more dependent on the game, developers etc) which can come in around the £90+ mark.  You could trade in your old games against the cost or buy pre owned as well.


£50 is still a lot of money, make no mistake about that and £90+ is undoubtedly big money to spend on a game, let alone justifying it to your wallet and your brain.

We all have our favourites, we all love franchises and have that affinity to stories and characters.  So here is what we want to know.

When you are making your next purchase, how do you make up your mind which tier your going for?  and many of you have voted and named your game, but what tier will you go for?


Look out for our next poll on the Facebook group page.

As always you can get the latest here on Xboxoneuk

What are you most looking forward to?  We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter so please leave your comments below and let us know.

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