Todd Howard Has Been Talking Fallout 76

The head of Bethesda Todd Howard has been talking all about Fallout 76 recently and we learned a few things that are sure to reassure players that they won’t just end up been frustrated by the game.

During an interview with Howard was asked if Fallout 76 will have fast travel and he replied with a one word answer “yes”. This could be very helpful as apparently the world is four times the size of that in Fallout 4 and will have six very distinct regions meaning that there will be a long way for people to travel. As of yet we have no word as to how the system will work nut we imagine it will ape that used in the Elder Scrolls Online in some way.

There will also be a mechanism in place to stop higher level players from griefing new players. It looks as if players level 5 and below won’t be able to be killed by higher level players in PvP, this is intended to stop new players getting annoyed by been griefed and seems like a very good idea to us.

Howard stated that Fallout 76 isn’t a hardcore survival game, instead he described it as a “softcore survival” game.

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